Resolved - Wattpad again

Thanks to a post in the mainsite forums, I happened to find this:

"Scp Foundation Files" - "The Horror that lays in the book are Terrorfying (Note: All These Come From The Scp Foundation Website! I Own Nothing!)"

No mention of the original authors, no mention of the individual pages the articles came from, and it looks like they ported all articles from 002 through 035.

The opening page states,

Authors Note: These are All From the Scp Foundation website

I Own NONE of these! Also, Do not Read if you are Not Ready for your are not ready for these Terrors that lay beneath these pages!


Given the last activity was 9 months ago… I'm not sure if we should go for takedown or try to contact the author to properly attribute. I'm not entirely convinced that they'd understand attribution, given their writing…

Edit: Talked to Vince in chat, agreed to send a message and wait a week. If no response, then someone (or me) will issue that support ticket for copyright violation.

Message sent is as follows:

Hello! I am a moderator from the SCP Foundation wiki website. It's come to staff attention that your story, Scp Foundation Files, uses material from the site without proper attribution. If you are going to use the works of site authors without their permission, you must link back to the original page the material is from and provide the name of the original author of the piece. Staff can help you with that, but if we do not receive a response from you within a week, we will submit a support ticket because your story will be violating the site's CC licensing. Let me know if you have any questions. —Zyn

Edit: Received no reply from the author, sent in a support ticket, Wattpad staff removed access to all of the entries except -032, which is the old Titania's Prisons SCP.

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