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Users Snowykzero and "TheSCPSeries" on Wattpad, which appears to be some kind of microfiction/flash fiction self-publishing repository, have been busy bees. Specifically, they've been busy copying works (Tales and SCPs, respectively) from the wiki onto Wattpad under their names. The former have "dedicated" the works to their original authors; the latter has added little postscripts called "Ask the SCP" in which they do a fanfictiony Q&A with the SCP in question:

Q: How did you feel when you got captured? [to SCP-173]


Nary an attribution or discussion of license to be had.

TheSCPSeries plagiarized in whole SCPs 106, 714, 682, 173, 096, 049, 513, 087 (the text of which is plagiarized in whole, TWICE, in a separate story).

Snowykzero plagiarized in whole the tales "Slumbering" by Zyn, "Six Days" by Ludavex Ayanami, "Last Meetings" by Jacob Conwell, "Correspondence" by GrandEnder, "Wasteland" by DrGerald, "The End" by Gaffney, "A Lovely Day in the Garden" by Comwilson, "Loyal to the Cause" by Erku, "Friday" by Djoric, "Pitter-Patter" by Corerosion, "Broken?" by Boa Noah, "Faceless" by Anonymouse99, and "Bending Over Backwards" by Bennings.

I'm tired and I'm going to bed, but in the morning, I will investigate how to begin to…remedy this licensing…oversight.

Zyn edit: I submitted a copyright violation report. Here's the contents of the message:

Update: got a reply from the Wattpad Help Center. Very helpful, my goodness.

I sent the following replies, with lots of help from Esko in chat:

Also, submitted a ticket regarding the other plagiarizer:

Edit 08/25/14: Wattpad got back to me, and all of the works by TheSCPSeries containing plagiarized content have been removed. Snowykzero still has several plagiarized works up, but I've continued the support ticket and hopefully the staff will get to it soon.

The message I received was as follows:

Thank you, they have all been removed. Please let us know if you experience this in the future and we will assist you right away.

Your Wattpad Support Team

These staff are pretty great.

Edit II: Heard back from support team. All plagiarized works reported have been removed. Also, looks like Snowykzero isn't on the site anymore.

Issue is resolved, looks like. —Zyn

Edit 08/26/14 Coony found this. Apparently TheSCPSeries re-added plagiarized content, for 173, 049, and 106. I sent the following support ticket:

Here we go again…

Anyway, I also noticed that TheSCPSeries account person posted a comment, saying "Okay, so I just found out that all the SCP question books have been deleted, so I'm starting them again with a fresh start, so ask some random questions if you have any! :) I'm really going to need them."

Since I have a wattpad account now (force of necessity…) I posted the following response: "TheSCPSeries, the reason the SCP question books were deleted is because you took content directly from the SCP Foundation wikidot site without giving proper attribution/credit. Essentially, you were plagiarizing the material and that was reported. I'm a moderator on the SCP site, and if you'd like, I'd be happy to walk you through the proper attribution/copyright-compliant process. If you'd like proof that I'm actually Zyn from the mainsite, I can provide that as well."

We'll see how this goes…

Edit 2: And I broke radio silence to post on their profile page. They cited the work using MLA format, even after I told them how to properly attribute and linked them the licensing guide. Also, they included the additional text "CITATION BITCH" (sic).

Guess we're dealing with middle school kids. I'll keep an eye on them, but I'm not overly hopeful.

08/27/14 After that rather immature initial response, the plagiarized work has been taken down, and a new SCP-049 asks thing has been put up with the preface:

"Okay, the previous question books have been deleted due to me plagiarising from the SCP wiki site and I'm going to say I'm truly sorry for taking work without crediting, so here we are again, with a fresh start on the questionnare books for the SCPs and I hope you guys will enjoy it! <3 ~Mill xx"

I posted a comment, since they're still using site content and they seem to have deleted my other licensing comments:

"For proper licensing, all you need to do is have a statement like "this work is based on "SCP-049 - The Plague Doctor" by Gabriel Jade: http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-049, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) "

That said, I hope you enjoy writing more SCP asks material, and I'm glad you enjoy reading the site. Licensing can be a complicated issue to deal with. Feel free to ask SCP site staff if you have any further questions."

I'm not going to push on the whole "Oh yeah, and please do ask some questions to our SCPs below, we don't care how random they are… JUST ASK THEM SOMETHING. :D" bit on the profile, since these individuals do seem rather young and probably didn't know what they were doing. CB is just that cool, I guess.

Will keep an eye on from now on, but issue seems resolved.

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