RESOLVED-ish Wallpart

Alright, so I received news that a site called Wallpart (link intentionally omitted for reasons that shall become obvious) has been lifting SCP related images (probably automatically rather than specifically, there's a lot of people this site has peeved off), but it's apparently become big news in the SCP fandom today (I'd heard about it in 19 before the issue was formally brought to my attention).

The thing is, we can't just send a "yo, attribute this shit" email because the site appears to be a licensing honeypot- the Report Violation form on the site, the only real method of contacting them as far as I have heard, is a malware/phishing page. I have not independently visited said page after hearing this, but there is wide and varied confirmation of this fact among other people's complaints.

With computer wizardry/basic knowledge of the internet I've managed to find the domain registrar's email, which appears to be part of a legitimate company. All other identifying Whois on Wallpart has been concealed, so that's a non-starter.

I need to talk to some folks before I send an email, however. I'll update this when I do.

[Added by Quik:]

Voct pointed out that Wallpart is entirely a honeypot and you can't buy anything there. And if they're not selling anything, then is there really a licensing issue? (This is separate from the fact that the site is a scam anyway with the Report Violations page being a phishing expedition.)

This got buried under other stuff, but upon examination, along with Quik's post which I more or less agree with, there's next to nothing we can do here. Resolved-ish, because that's a nicer way to say "nothing doing". -Procyon

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