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Contents are as follows:

Added: 20 January 2014
Created by: Snowy Games
Version: 1
Game description: Explore the hallways of SCP-2096, evade the monster within, and maybe, just maybe, survive. Made with Andrew Farnsworth's Demon Engine.
Tags: scp secure contain protect special containment procedures hallway allways

And his avatar's the SCP logo. The twist is SCP-2096 doesn't exist. So while it's not a direct connection like CB or the SCP-087-B game, it is generally inspired by the site. As such, I sent him this message:

Hi there, I'm a member of the SCP Wiki staff. Another staff member linked me to this as it's unattributed. To satisfy the site's Creative Commons license, we ask that you attribute work derived from the SCP site as such, and any product derived from the wiki must be licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 as well. Take a look at for a human-readable version on what using SCP content entails for a game. Good luck with the game, may you make many more. :)

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