SCP-173 twerking, for those of you who didn't know we needed this in the world

Here and, god help us all, here are two products on an art merch production hosting site called "society6". I can't contact either person on this site because you need a "verified" account to post comments, and that's the only way to establish any sort of contact with the content creators about their works, and you can't "verify" your account without a paypal and $1, and I can't even get my paypal to work. So if you happen to be able to make this process any smoother, the message I had all typed out and ready to go for either of those works is:

Hi, I'm Eskobar, a moderator for the SCP Foundation wiki. I can't find any other way to attach this to this product, but there's an issue with the copyright situation here. As we now have clarified on SCP-173's page itself (, the SCP Foundation wiki holds no copyright control whatsoever over the statue depicted in the image on that page, and the creator of the statue, Izumi Kato, has explicitly asked that we not use any depiction of the statue for commercial purposes, nor that we allow others to do so. While other SCP images and depictions are covered under Creative Commons and therefore can be worked around through that licence, we must ask that you not sell any artwork depicting SCP-173 specifically.

Thank you,
Moderator, SCP Foundation wiki

You can just copy-paste that right into a comment box if you can manage to get access to one. You can even put your own name and rank in there if you really wanna hatefuck my heart to death.

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