SCP-173 poster on Redbubble

User LawlessSquirrel on Redbubble added a poster of chibi!173 up for sale. I sent this message:

It's been four days and no reply or takedown. I sent the following follow-up message:

I intend to follow up on this in three days; if I haven't gotten a reply from him and gotten some confirmation that he's hearing me, I'm going to have to get Redbubble to take the logos down. They're pretty clear violations of Izumi Kato's wishes. I don't want to screw a content creator over if I can help it, but this is a bigger issue than that.

As I said in chat, Redbubble has been pretty good w/r/t takedowns, so that shouldn't be a problem if it comes to it. Thanks for keeping on top of this. —Drewbear

Received a reply:

Short version: Seems like a nice dude, but the 173 thing is pretty inviolable. I wish I could tell him something different, but he can't sell what he's selling at present. I think he'll take down the thing without any real hassle, but I'll keep an eye out.

I responded with "I figured as much" and that was it. I'd ideally like them to take it down, y'know, now, but no reason to be antagonistic when they get the message already. That should probably do it.

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