This guy has a tabletop mini of SCP-173. I sent the following.

Dear Mr. Shackelford,

I am a moderator for the SCP Foundation. One of your pieces (found here: use the likeness of SCP-173. This piece of merchandise is problematic in two ways. First, it is not properly licensed. The SCP Foundation operates under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license (found here: What this means is that all work deriving from SCP Foundation content must a) properly attribute the author b) be released under the same license. Your work does neither. Please fix this. A longer guide can be found here:

Second, and more importantly, the artist who made SCP-173, Izumi Kato, has made it very explicit that he does not not wish for any derivatives of his work to be used for commercial purposes This means SCP-173 merchandise. While I do not represent Mr. Kato, I strongly suggest that you take his wishes into consideration. However, if you choose to continue selling SCP-173, you are required to correctly license it. The text of his agreement can be found here:

Moderator, SCP Foundation

Dear Mr. Gaffney,

I have thought about this issue a number of times before and I shall acquiesce your and Izumi Kato's request.

The whole SCP Foundation is one of the coolest things I've encountered online and has inspired me greatly. There are so many monsters and artifacts, each one better than the next, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make miniatures based on them. I was in the process of sculpting a whole series. I had 3 figures completed, SCP-173 being the first as it is arguably the most iconic. I even thought about creating a full blown game based on the SCP universe.

However, given the nature of SCP's copyright license, respect of the original creators' ownerships and especially with the addition of this letter, I have decided to cancel the whole project.
I have taken down my Etsy listing as per Izumi Kato's request and will be adding the Creative Commons license to any other posted images of my SCP-173 mini and any other SCP themed works. The other SCP minis that were created will not be brought into commercial production. Barring the unlikely chance that the SCP Wiki community would sign off on it, the SCP tabletop game will not be brought into production either. Also, it just wouldn't be worth it without SCP-173.

As an apology for the aggravation, would you please contact Izumi Kato and tell them it would be my pleasure to send them a castings of this mini, along with the other SCP themed minis, before I 'retire' the molds? Also, if you could please contact the creators of SCP-131 and SCP-096 and tell them the same thing, that would be great.
It would be completely free of charge, no cost for shipping either. All I would need is their mailing addresses. I just that would hate to see these minis have to be retired before their original creators had a chance to own a copy. If you would like one too, just say so.
(Of course, I retain credit for the being the sculptor of said minis.)

I apologize for the inconvenience and please send my regards to Izumi and the SCP community in general.

Harrison Shackelford

Thanks for your prompt response! I'll try to get into touch with Lt Masipag and DrDan, the authors of SCP-131 and -096, respectively.
However, you are more than welcome to continue producing miniatures of their work, even without their permission, provided that you properly attribute it and license it. The issues with SCP-173 are exclusive to that article and its particular circumstances. Similarly, if you wish to create a tabletop RPG based on the SCP Foundation, that would be great! All we ask is that you observe proper licensing procedure.

Thank you for your time and cooperation; if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!

It looks like the mini has been taken down.

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