Riscvul's Game

I got the following PM from RiscvulRiscvul, who is currently developing a sim/management game based on the Foundation!verse:

Hello Licensing Team,

I have been developing a game based on the writings of the SCP wiki called The Foundation.

I have recently encountered a big problem. I had thought I could properly attribute the articles using the history section on their individual pages. Unfortunately, its turned out due to the dynamic loading of the page that I won't be able to retrieve that information. Its also not feasible to maintain a continuous list of attributions for such a dynamic host of articles. The only piece I cannot retrieve is the author's name.

I thought of a couple possible solutions that I wanted to run past the licensing crew to see if they would give proper credit to the authors.

1) I could list the title and a link back to the individual wiki page. I can even build the link that goes straight to the history section of the page. As I cannot retrieve the author's name unfortunately that's the best I could do in this case.

2) I could open a browser window or display the history information in game.

Unfortunately that's really the best ideas I have remaining. That's not your problem of course. Just let me know if you think either of those would be enough attribution.

First, so super glad that he's trying to keep on top of proper licensing. Second, I think that static links would be just fine, rather than dynamic updating. Thoughts?

Just noting here that I'm talking with Riscvul about technical, rather than licensing, solution to his problem. Not sure yet if it'll work out, so please do continue discussing the licensing questions here. -anq

Given that the standard spiel we give people re: licensing is to include the link to the original article/Tale but does NOT require adding the author as an absolute must (keeping in mind that some of the oldest are unknown authors), I went ahead and PMed him that using static links was fine and to not worry about including the author w/ the link if he can't make the dynamic pull work. —Drew


Haven't checked out all of his output on the progress of the game (there's 39 update videos alone at time of writing, I checked the most recent four or five) but the material I did investigate was up to our licensing standards. He's good for now, but I'm not going to mark this as resolved, yet, as there's still presumably a finished product.

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