[RESOLVED] Question about SCP-173 Stuff

Received this message from a user today:

Hello Gaffney,
I would like to ask you a question related to SCP-173's copyright issue. If I'm bothering the wrong guy and you'd like to redirect me to someone else, please do.

Here's the issue: I'm running a Facebook SCP fan page. We translate stuff into my native language (which by the way is Italian) and generally get the SCP hype going. For the 1000 like goal, we are about to set up a contest in which the winner gets a SCP plushie. In particular, a SCP-173 plushie. The item is being built by some friends who own a page as well (they usually make community-requested plushies and sell them, but they are providing us with SCP-173 for free).

Would there be any copyright related issue if we gave away the plushie for free? Would you suggest to change the subject SCP?

Thanks for your time. Appreciate your work.

I said that since the work isn't being sold, it's in the clear.

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