On-Site vs Off-Site

Although our primary focus will be off-site licensing issues, we also need to be aware of on-site issues as well. I'd like to avoid things like what happened with the Dragonsnails. We need to have an easy way for off-wiki people to contact us about on-site violations. I'm going to consult with the Tech Team about ways to incorporate a way, but here are my ideas so far. Feel free to add others:

  • Official licensing email (through Gmail?) that everyone on the License Team has the password for, the address for which is linked somewhere on the wiki.
  • Submission form on the wiki that goes to one of our wiki inboxes (probably the captain).

(from Scantron) We should implement at least two distinct ways for people to get in touch with us, in case one doesn't work for the person in question. Email and submission form both sound like good plans. And for the record, AFAIK, Gmail is as good a provider as any. And at least it's more official-looking than Yahoo.

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