RESOLVED (PARTIALLY) - Oh My Dear Merciful God, Roblox

I had never heard of Roblox before last week, but the admins of the CI wiki contacted me concerning some license violations regarding their wiki. Since their wiki is derivative of our wiki and most of their relevant content comes from us, I checked it out as a part of our licensing duties. Found unattributed licensing violations on all of the following group pages:

Since the Roblox Rules of Conduct specifically state:

Do not upload or use content that is owned and/or has a copyright, patent or trademark without permission of the owner. You warrant that you have permission to use any content or materials belonging to another person when it is uploaded to our site. ROBLOX will remove without notice any content that violates another’s Intellectual Property Rights upon request of the rightful owner

I clicked on the "Report Abuse" links on each of these pages and sent a variation of the following message:

Now, those are the small-fry people. There's also the SCP Foundation group, which has almost 4,500 members, which is also unattributed. I don't want to C&D them, since it's a bunch of kids playing a shitty Lego knockoff on the Internet, but it's a huge group, there's nothing even resembling an awareness of attribution requirements, and at least one of them is selling merch under the SCP Foundation group name, which looks hells of official. I haven't contacted Roblox about these groups yet. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Contacted the owner of the SCP Foundation group directly and explained the licensing requirements:

(Zyn addition.) One of the ROBLOX members, Xenien, appeared in #site17 to talk to Eskobar. ProcyonLotor notified me, and I spoke with them.

UPDATE: Several of the group owners that I contacted got back to me. Most were pretty dismissive or confused by what I was asking of them, but two groups, including the big, 4500-member strong one, did comply and added links to the wiki and the CC license. To be honest, it's probably the best we'll get from this particular situation.

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