More Redbubble Stuff

There's some stuff on redbubble that a) uses 173 b) doesn't correctly attribute us. here and here. I sent the following:

Hello stroblmark/sugoitee,

I'm a moderator at the SCP Foundation website. One of your pieces "here": uses SCP-173. This piece of merchandise is problematic in two ways. First, it is not properly licensed. The SCP Foundation operates under the "Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license": What this means is that all work deriving from SCP Foundation content must a) properly attribute the author b) be released under the same license. Your work does neither. Please fix this. A longer guide can be found "here":

Second, and more importantly, the artist who made SCP-173, Izumi Kato, "has made it very explicit that he does not not wish for any derivatives of his work to be used for commercial purposes": This means SCP-173 merchandise. While I do not represent Mr. Kato, I strongly suggest that you take his wishes into consideration. However, if you choose to continue selling SCP-173, you are required to correctly license it.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them.


For the time being, that looks to be the end of 173-related stuff on RedBubble.

Sugiotees removed their product. Stroblmark has not. I'll contact them again in the near future. If they don't respond again, I'll do a takedown request, as it's not CC-compliant.

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