More iPhone apps

OsobistOsobist alerted me that the Russian wiki discovered several iPhone apps w/ missing/incomplete licensing & credit. I can't check these while I'm at work, but will take a look in a couple of hours. - no license mark and no link to original article; - no license mark and no link to original article; - only link to original, no license mark though.

First two are by the same guy/company. Found a feedback link on their homepage and sent the following:

Last one is by a different company, and I sent the following email to their public email:

I'll check again in a week or so.

The people responsible for the 3rd one responded overnight, with the following:


Thank you for the information!
We submitted the text below to Our product’s description, this modification will be available in few hours from now.


Gyorgy Varro

I haven't checked the app again, but damn, it's nice to see such a quick response.

The first two appear to be memory holed, the last one will get handled when we address iTunes in general.

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