Jarvis Image Tutorial
anqxyr I want to talk jarvis commands for image team at you
anqxyr the full command is .images, but .im is set to resolve to .images too, and that's what I usually use
anqxyr .im --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images {scan,update,list,notes,purge,search,stats,sync,add,remove,attribute,claim}
anqxyr those words jarvis just threw out are all subcommands of the .im command
anqxyr the can be used like that:
anqxyr .im subcommand some argumments --optional-arguments
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images {scan,update,list,notes,purge,search,stats,sync,add,remove,attribute,claim}
anqxyr as you see, if you enter something incorrectly, jarvis will respond with the usage prompt
anqxyr you can lookup usage for the individual subcommands like this:
anqxyr .im scan --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images scan pages
anqxyr .im search --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images search target [index]
anqxyr .im update --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images update target [index] [--url url] [--page page] [--source source] [--status status] [--notes notes]
anqxyr ok, a side word about the target [index] thing
anqxyr a lot of subcommands use it
anqxyr what it means, is that you can either enter the name of the page you want, e.g.
anqxyr .im list scp-002
jarvis anqxyr: http://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/scp-002/800px-SCP002.jpg - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-002 - - SOURCE UNKNOWN
anqxyr or you can enter the url of the image directly if it's handier in your circumstances
anqxyr .im list http://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/scp-002/800px-SCP002.jpg
jarvis anqxyr: http://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/scp-002/800px-SCP002.jpg - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-002 - - SOURCE UNKNOWN
anqxyr [index] is for pages which have several images on them
anqxyr .im search scp-020
jarvis anqxyr: Specified page includes 2 images. Please specify which image you wish to see.
anqxyr .im search scp-020 1
jarvis anqxyr: http://tineye.com/search?url=http://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/scp-020/scp020.jpg
jarvis anqxyr: http://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=http://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/scp-020/scp020.jpg
anqxyr so, if there's more than one image, jarvis will complain unless you specify which one
anqxyr some subcommands can work on multiple images, so for those omitting the index means "do it for all images on the page"
anqxyr .im list scp-020
jarvis anqxyr: http://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/scp-020/scp020.jpg - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-020 - - SOURCE UNKNOWN
jarvis anqxyr: http://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/scp-020/scp020-2.jpg - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-020 - http://s903.photobucket.com/user/fungusfighters/profile/ - UNABLE TO CONTACT
anqxyr list is one, and I think purge is another, through I don't quite recall
anqxyr ok, now to the previously used workflow
anqxyr it'll be up to Vince whether you'll keep using it unchanged or change it somewhat or whatever, but the way it was meant to be used was
anqxyr a team member selects an image block, and claims it for themselves
anqxyr .im claim 2200-2299
jarvis anqxyr: The specified category does not exist or contains no images.
anqxyr (I'll talk about what just happened a bit later)
anqxyr then, they start scanning pages for those with images. Scanning can be done for multiple pages at once
anqxyr .im scan scp-2200 scp-2201 scp-2202 scp-2203 scp-2204 scp-2205
jarvis anqxyr: 8 new images have been added to the index.
anqxyr .im claim 2200-2299
jarvis anqxyr: Category successfully claimed.
anqxyr now, this is actually a bug, he shouldn't have let me do those things he just did, because I don't have op here
anqxyr will fix, but moving on
anqxyr once the pages are scanned, the team member starts searching for sources
anqxyr .im search scp-2200
jarvis anqxyr: http://tineye.com/search?url=http://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/scp-2200/images.jpg
jarvis anqxyr: http://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=http://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/scp-2200/images.jpg
anqxyr they click those links, and do the sourcing thing. Then they return to jarvis, and update the image index
anqxyr let's see the syntax for update again
anqxyr .im update --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images update target [index] [--url url] [--page page] [--source source] [--status status] [--notes notes]
anqxyr so, updating will look something like
anqxyr .im update scp-2200 --source example.com --status public domain --notes photo taken in 1907
anqxyr --status can be only one of a predetermined list of statuses, specifically
anqxyr case insensitive, of course
anqxyr here's the flowchart of how to determine the status: https://i.imgur.com/906aFV9.png
anqxyr it was in the topic of the old image team room, it's up to you where you want to keep it now
anqxyr or if you want to follow it at all
anqxyr ok, next stop
anqxyr once the image index has been update, some further actions may be required
anqxyr in case of CC or Permission Granted statuses, the image needs to be attributed. .im attribute takes care of that
anqxyr .im attribute --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images attribute page
anqxyr in case of Permanently Removed or Awaiting Reply statuses, the image code needs to be removed from the page
anqxyr .im remove --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images remove page images
anqxyr that subcommand removes image code, makes an announcement post in the page's discussion thread, and pms all authors and co-authors of the article
anqxyr also note that the images argument here is a list of full urls of the images that needs to be removed. This commands doesn't use the usual [page-name] [index-of-the-image] notation in order to avoid accidental mis-deletes
anqxyr ok, one thing I forgot to mention about .im update. The --notes argument allows storing a single line, and only in cases where no notes are already present
anqxyr for any other case, you want .im notes, which provides more parameters for note manipulation
anqxyr .im notes --usage
jarvis anqxyr: usage: !images notes target [index] [--append append|--purge|--list]
anqxyr .im notes scp-003 --list
jarvis anqxyr: There are no notes about this image.
anqxyr .im notes scp-004 --list
jarvis anqxyr: All found copies of the image refer to the version used by us.
anqxyr you can story multiple notes for the same image by using .im notes --append
anqxyr that covers all the commands an image team member will normally need to use
anqxyr the only ones not covered are .im stats and .im sync
anqxyr .im stats 002-099
jarvis anqxyr: 75 indexed images in this category ( AWAITING REPLY - 1, BY-NC-SA CC - 3, BY-SA CC - 3, PERMANENTLY REMOVED - 1, PERMISSION GRANTED - 5, SOURCE UNKNOWN - 10, UNABLE TO CONTACT - 2). Not reviewed - 50.
anqxyr that's what this one does, it's nifty but not strictly necessary for conducting reviews
anqxyr .im sync is an emergency command, there shouldn't be a reason to use it pretty much ever
anqxyr it overwrites the jarvis' copy of the image index with the one permanently stored at scp-stats. That should only be needed when the permanent copy had to be manually edited for some reason
anqxyr ok, unless I forgot something, that is all. Any questions?
anqxyr also, I'll probably copy-paste this entire rant onto 05 somewhere
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