Issue with Chinese Plagiarism

Got a message:

Dear Gaffney,

I hope this message doesn't disturb you.

Yesterday, I happened to read a Chinese on-web profiting novel. Its name was 无限曙光("wu xian shu guang", meaning "The Infinite Dawn"). It uses materials from the Foundation. For instance, it describe a organization which collects the anomalous items then adapting "Safe""Euclid""Keter"to classify them. Moreover, it also arranges 13 O5 in the group ( and by the love of the God, there are even three O6 in this novel).

However, the author of this book doesn't indicate any attribution. In the other word, he doesn't even MENTION the SCP. The author gave this SCP-alike group a new name:叛逆者组织 ("pan ni zhe zu zhi", means"the Rebels Organization"). Afterward, he doesn't show any license of remixing, nor declaration of changing the materials. I am shocked and dispirited. How can I imagine my favorite stories are stolen in this way! So were the other SCP fans in China.

Although I consider this book as a blatant plagiarization, I still wonder: is it against the Creative Commons license? If so, how will the site response? I hope the site attach importance to this issue.

Awaiting for your reply.

Your Sincerely

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It is from this chapter the author started plagiarizing. Maybe you can ask someone who knows Chinese to verify.

Checked with SunnyParallax, who confirmed the plagiarism. She also noted that the work contains stuff ripped from a variety of other popular media. Finally, she noted that she found a way to contact him via a possibly-still-in-use social media account and offered to pass along an official statement from us.

I'm going to try to write it up ASAP.

I don't recall offhand which CC license the Chinese site is using and whether THEIR original material allows commercial adaptations. But in either case, all the licenses that the SCP sites use require attribution. Lemme see your draft before you pass it on to Sunny, but also be prepared to draft takedown letters to this person's webhost if necessary. —Drewbear

They formerly used CC-BY-SA-NC (non-commercial), but I talked to them about it, as I am of the opinion that that license is not compatible with the CC-BY-SA license we use. (more on that here). So if they weren't blatantly lifting from SCP stuff and failing to attribute it, they could sell it all the live-long day. But yeah, I'll try to get in a draft soon and I'll send it to you.

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