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This person has started what I can only assume is meant to be a startup sort of thing. Or, y'know, it's the world's sloppiest scam. They stole from multiple pages, including About the SCP Foundation, Object Classes, Secure Facility Locations, and Task Forces. There was no attempt at subtlety.

I sent the Indiegogo people a message:

To whom it may concern,

My name is [Gaffs], and I am a moderator at the SCP Foundation website. Recently, someone brought this campaign: to my attention. This page is problematic for several reasons. First, it does not conform to the Creative Commons Share Alike Attributive License. It contains content from multiple pages directly copypasted from the SCP Foundation website.

Second, and more importantly, the campaign itself is fake. The campaign appears to be premised upon the idea that the SCP Foundation is real, with the one (and only) perk being "take a tour of the main facility." The SCP Foundation is a collaborative fictional setting, and the staff of the website take pains to make it clear that the SCP Foundation is not real. This campaign appears to be trying to act as a "startup" for the Foundation. At best, it is an overzealous fan, while at worst, it is someone trying to scam credulous readers. In either case, it is prohibited content.

Moderator, SCP Foundation

I might have been a bit more polite, but I think I got the point across. So yeah, rather than bothering with the legalese stuff, I just pointed out that it is, in all likelihood, a scam. I'll keep everyone posted.

I actually sent them a similar message yesterday, sorry about that but nobody was on and it was rather slow at work.

Prohibited Content:

Hi there, I'm a staff member of the SCP Wiki ( which is a collaborative fiction-writing site licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike. While we have some successfully license-compliant projects out there such as the video game SCP: Containment Breach, the listing here is in no way compliant with our license or policies. While our authorization or blessing isn't required to make SCP-themed content, it is necessary to carry the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license and attribute

Since we have never worked with this person and they're offering tours of a facility that does not exist, AND the project is flexibly funded, the chances of this person simply trying to steal money using our content is very high. Please delist this campaign as soon as possible.



EDIT: Got a response from IndieGoGo:

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for sharing your concern with us. At this time, the campaign is under review to ensure that it adheres to our Terms of Use (

So what happens now? We will include the information you have provided along with all other information at our disposal in our review of the campaign. In some cases, we will contact the campaign owner to have them edit their campaign and it will remain on our platform. If the project doesn't follow our rules, we may remove the campaign. We may also restrict the campaign owner's future activities on Indiegogo.

To protect our users' privacy, we're unable to share the action we take. At Indiegogo, we take the trust and safety of our community very seriously, and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this review process. To learn more about Indiegogo’s Trust & Safety effort, please visit:

Please note that you do not need to contact us again. Doing so would create a new ticket and prolong the process. Thank you again for taking the time to get in touch with us and for helping to keep Indiegogo a safe and secure platform.



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