(Resolved) Illustrated Creepypasta anthology

A user brought to my attention the existence of /creepythread, an illustrated anthology of well-known creepypasta. It includes illustrations based off of SCP-231 and SCP-1192. These things are being sold for $15 a pop, and there's no indication that CC licensing requirements have been followed. I sent an e-mail to Peter Schmidt, the guy at whose site the things are being sold, telling him about CC stuff, but emphasizing that we're not trying to shut him down. I'll keep everyone posted.

I got a reply:

Thanks a lot [Gaffs],
I appreciate the info and the check in as well as the well wishes.

I can assure you that the printed books attribute the SCP articles to the SCP foundation in specific and in general and with links. We will make sure to edit the attribute page if there are any further printings, just copy/pasting your attributions wording to be on the safe side. Also, just because we want to be as accommodating as possible I will edit the store and the tumblr page to contain the creative commons copyright info and a link to the scp wiki

Thanks again, I really do appreciate your contacting us
I hope you're well. Keep doing what you're doing, cuz SCP is the fucking ballerest

It also appears that they've added an attribution page to the storefront with the CC licensing stuff.

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