Guy making SCP card game

So I got a PM from spokwalkerspokwalker (whose account was an hour old at time of PM) today:

Hello, My name is Luke Anderson, I'm a game developer. I have been developing a tabletop SCP themed card game. I just want to get permission to do this. Also I was hoping it would be okay to sell this game when it is finished, giving the scp foundation full credit of course.

Cheers, Luke Anderson

I sent back a reply telling them they could make the game if they attribute correctly, that they can't use images of 173 for commercial purposes, that they should read the licensing guide, and that they can contact me if they have any further questions.

Edit: a quick Google search seems to indicate that the guy has a deviantArt and a reddit account… and nothing else as visibile. Very likely not professional. We'll see where this goes.

Will update as necessary.

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