RESOLVED - Google Play- Offline Database

Got a reverse version of the usual thing last night:

If I'm reading this right, Google (who in my experience are far from the most… proactive, we'll say, in regards to Licensing issues) took down an SCP app that (according to the creator, I have not seen it yet) was properly licensed, and refuses to reinstate it without the content owners' (which yes, I know technically we do not own it, but we're… vaguely sort of responsible) go ahead.
I'm going to email the guy, ask for a copy of the app in question (to ensure that it is in proper order), and, assuming that goes well, I'll draft something up for Google. Will keep updated.

After a long delay due to my laptop getting fried, material was investigated and found to be all above board, and as such, the requested document has been written, and with Mann's approval, sent to the developer to submit. - ProcyonLotor

I told the guy to get back to me if he had any further problems a month ago, it's been radio silence, so I'm marking as resolved. -Procyon

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