RESOLVED - Golly gee whilikers, Roblox again

First assignment for licensing, and it's Roblox.
Page is here, more or less identical to all the other Roblox SCP groups. Owner's a kid named ConnorCrane.
Sent the following PM:

Thank god for Esko's previous work in providing a template for that. Will keep updated.

e: Guy got back to me, attributed after some minor questions:

Attribution for the main group is now in line with standard, I sent him a PM thanking him and asking him to also bring the sub-groups and a few other pages to the required level as well. Will check in on those in a few days.

ee: Attribution for subgroups is now in line as well. I requested, if possible, that attribution be provided on the store items as well (e: user has said they will do that shortly). I've also been given an ETA of one week for attribution on a level/world/what-have-you owned by a different user. I'll check in on that.
Also, a user, Beryli tried to take matters into his own hands with this group. I sent a PM apologizing for that and disavowing his actions.

e3: Sent a PM to Beryli telling him to stop acting on Licensing's behalf.

e4: In the next installment of this neverending saga, Roblox has apparently removed the attribution for containing an offsite link. We're looking into solutions.

e5: With no real other options, we've given one-time dispensation to the group owner to provide attribution without links, due to Roblox linking policy. Will keep updated on response.

e6: Appears to be attributed to the best of their ability without offsite links. I'll call this one closed.

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