[Resolved] Gamejolt Game

http://gamejolt.com/games/adventure/scp-classified-projects/43026/ This was pointed out to me. Fairly popular, no attribution.

Anyone want to volunteer? Or at least teach me how to do?

Sent the game creator an email with our standard C&D message. Got a response pretty quickly. He was a little bit confused about what he needed to do, but seems to be willing to comply with our licensing requirements. Sent him a reply clarifying the parts he was confused about, and am currently waiting for a response from him. Will update further as the situation progresses.

Update: Got a response from him saying that he'll add the proper attribution and licensing "as soon as possible". Will monitor the game page(s) over the next few days to make sure he does so.

Another Update: Proper licensing and attribution have been added to the game's download pages. Marking this one as resolved.

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