Facebook stuffs

Recently a user messaged the FB page about their desire to make SCP Plushies to sell online, with their first proof of concept being one of 173. I gave them the standard spiel about how selling 173 dolls would go against our agreement with IK. I then suggested other skips that would be less problematic for them to design sellable dolls around, so long as they follow the licensing guidelines which I linked to them, and offered our inboxes up if they had any more questions. Feel free to ask me or anyone else on the FB team for more details, and I'm trying to get the user's site username so that we can put a 'face' to the person without violating their privacy.

Yeah, 173 is a no-go for sale. Ask them to check with us about the others, too. The Image Team is doing a great job scrubbing non-CC pics from the site, but they haven't got everything yet, and better to be safe than sorry. —Drewbear

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