RESOLVEDish - Ebay SCP Buttons

Blaroth pointed me at this guy who's selling SCP buttons, four for $7.

  • User identified in his PM to Blaroth as "Gavriel Discordia Episkopos" and said "We are Raising Funds for the Electronic Frontier Foundation via Ebay with SCP logos under CC 3.0 of course. We hope this is a viable and acceptable situation for all involved. We are not a part of the SCP writing community but fans of the wiki who have actually read through hundreds of SCP files. THX"
  • Page has attribution to CC but no literal link to the wiki or actual clear-cut statement that the wiki is fictional. Also has no mention of the artists who created the logos in question, primarily because the guy had no idea who they were. However, he did say "We would be glad to add anyone who wants appropriate credit…"
  • Guy is also donating 25% of the proceeds of the buttons to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, if that's relevant at all. I'm a little put off that he describes it as "raising funds for EFF" when so comparatively small a part of the proceeds are going to that cause, but I leave that for others to worry about. He also said in his message that he could "increase the donation amount to 50% if need be."
  • He does not seem to desire nor advertise this as a wiki- or staff-endorsed product, so that's not a concern.
  • He also offered to "send packs to core staff," whoever that means. I'm not sure if I'd feel appropriate doing that since they're items for sale for fundraising for charity, but I'm just putting it forward.
  • I contacted him via Facebook regarding the need for further CC attribution to the wiki:

Hi, this is Eskobar from the licensing team. I'm forwarding this to the other staff to discuss, but I can tell you that 1) staff tend to be wary of people selling SCP merchandise for revenue or profit (I don't know what your expenses were in producing these); this means that while you do have every legal right to sell these under CC-BY-SA 3.0, I can't promise that the senior staff will be supportive of the endeavor; and 2) while you have mentioned the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license in the listing, we would ask that you also list the URL of the website,, so as to attribute the SCP concept to the wiki itself. Roth can work on getting in touch with the SCP logo artists (I have no idea whatsoever who they are) so you can attribute them as well.

Thanks for getting in touch with us,
Moderator, SCP Foundation wiki

While the dude only has two of the three things we need (Far2 attribution for logo, CC mention, but no wiki backlink) the sale's been over for almost a year and a half now, and I think at this point it's the best we'll get. You can no longer buy these things, so any pursuit would just be tilting at windmills. Marking as resolved. -ProcyonLotor

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