Proposal On Areas Of Responsibility

As it currently stands, this team is very disorganized. Near as I can tell, we just kind of check licenses whenever someone brings it to our attention, or if we happen to notice something. This isn't a practical way to go about finding licensing violations.

I think it would be more efficient for the team to create certain areas of responsibility centered around certain sites such as Google Play, CafePress, TeeSpring, etc. Once a week or so, the person tasked with a particular site would search that site for any SCP-related terms1 to check for any unattributed merchandise/materials. If you find anything, bring post it here and try to contact the vendor.

If anyone has any thoughts, contributions, or objections, that they'd like to make known about this, I would like to hear them. In particular, I'd like to hear suggestions about sites that should be checked frequently. Anything that is sufficiently large and allows users to submit designs/apps/whathaveyou would be a good start.

Tentative List

  • Google Play
  • TeeSpring
  • DeviantArt2
  • CafePress.3
  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • Redbubble

- Gaffney

Drewbear: iTunes & Redbubble immediately come to mind. Also, this is a good proposal.

Cool. Also, in case it's unclear, we should continue trawl as well. Just as a supplement to the more organized searches.

Dexa I could get behind this. My biggest issue with this is the fact that I don't actually browse many sites outside Reddit and SCP and occasionally Tumblr. Actually being tasked to a particular domain would help me actually do my job better.

Drewbear: I also thought that we might want to set up a whitelist. Places/people/items/apps that we've already checked out as compliant, so we don't have to keep checking them again and again.

This sounds good as well. God knows how much time I've wasted checking out all of the translated SCP database apps that have all checked out.
- Gaffs

Alright, cool. So, now that I am benevolent overlord head of Licensing Experts, I think now's the time to put this into place. Unless anyone has any particular preference/sites that they frequently peruse, I'm just going to assign things semi-randomly. Let me know!

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