Creepypasta wiki tales

Got a PM from Mr_stickmanMr_stickman about some tales lifted wholesale from the site by the creepypasta wiki:

All of these stories appear to have been ported over by user BenNasty:
According to their profile, they're part of the admin team, plus:

I am kind of the self proclaimed HR Rep for this site so please, if you are being attacked by the Trolls or any wiki drama, write on my Talk Page or email me at moc.liamg|01ytsanneb#moc.liamg|01ytsanneb . That way, our other Admins can worry about site content and keeping the wiki free of duplicates and other infectious crap off of here.

From what I see, all of the tales are directly posted, no attribution. Not sure if we've talked with the creepypasta wiki before? Someone want to get in contact with them?

e: User is no longer part of the admin team, and hasn't even been around since 2012. I'll contact someone else in the morning, although the Creepypasta Wikia administration is fairly famous for being… hard to work with, in my experience. We'll see how it goes. -ProcyonLotor

e2: Provided user is no longer part of the administrative staff (and has not been active since late 2012), so I hit up the first available admin I could find with the usual:

Will keep updated upon response.

e3: All listed pages have been fully attributed. Matter is resolved.

e4: Only the ones you found have been attributed. For example, I have one over there that was originally posted to the Foundation: Can we get an actual search done of the site before we give it the all clear? -TroyL

e5: Here's a mostly-complete list of the remaining items.

e6: Admin has added attribution to everything we could find.

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