Another SCP film

Facebook user Adam Colgan asked via the Facebook page:

A few friends and I want to make a short film. And idea that came up was possibly doing a movie based off of the SCP website. We were wondering your thoughts and policies on this. We would attribute all stories to the respective authors and the scp site.

I replied:

Long answer: The SCP Foundation and all accompanying works are posted under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 license. The whole text of the license is at If you're really looking to CYA, you can read over that, though we have more convenient versions as listed below.

Medium-length answer: We have a licensing guide at that details the requirements of derivatives to keep up with Creative Commons requirements. I advise anyone who wants to make an SCP derivative to read that guide regardless.

Short answer: In your film, preferably in the credits but at the very least in the description to any version of the film (like the YouTube description area, for instance), you must give credit to the SCP wiki at and the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 license that all SCP Foundation works are written under at the link listed above. We would /prefer/ it if you specifically credited any SCP, tale, or work that you use by name and author; if you have any questions about contacting authors of works you want to use, you can ask us and we'll poke around to see if any of the authors involved are still around.

Feel free to ask any more questions as they arise!

Moderator, SCP Foundation wiki

Will update as/if the situation develops.

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