Agent Vader's SCP Pong game on Scratch

In this thread on the forum, user Agent Vader links to his game on Scratch, which has not been attributed correctly, does not link to the license, and uses images of SCP-173. Even if it's a free game, it'd best to avoid that alltogether.

First posted in the thread to reply to the following post:

Its Scratch.
There is no copyright issues.

My reply:

I have no idea how you're arriving at that conclusion, but I can assure you that there are licensing issues. Please read through the licensing guide.

No reply was forthcoming, so I PMed them:

Hi there,

Recently you started a thread for a game you created on Scratch. I staffposted to let you lnow that contrary to what you apparently believed, there were definitely licensing issues. I checked again today, but you don't seem to have taken steps to comply with our licensing requirements. Am I wrong in believing you haven't taken action yet? And if not, please take steps to comply as soon as possible.

This was the reply:

Sorry for the late reply.
I've been having a break from both Scratch & the SCP Foundation following a break-down caused by the death of my dog.
I will replace the image of 173 with In-Game screenshots of 173 from SCP: Containment Breach.

I'm going to have to help them along a bit, methinks. :|

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