RESOLVED - Adagio Teas- Secure Con-tea-n Protect

I'm not a tea-drinking man, but this set of teas is pretty neat, but not licensed properly. It's one of several things that I need to handle since Vince stepped away, so I don't have time to send the message at the moment. Will update.

I ordered these a few days back for a friend, actually. :| But in all seriousness, go to the bottom of any page that isn't the front and you'll find a link to get in contact with them. Or just click here:

e: There's some confusion (on my end) about what, exactly, message needs to be sent. I tried to send them a form letter and people started shouting about Fair Use and parody. I'm holding off on sending one until I can get a judgement from one of the (ex-) Team Captains.

ee: I was told by the team captain at the time that this was not worthy of pursuit- consider this resolved.

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