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Somebody set up a Wikipedia page here:

I found it through the Wanderers Library. Judging from the edit history of the page, it was made by one guy, abc12345 or something, who also made the Broken God and some other wikis. It was originally, when I saw it, a very lackluster page. However, somebody seems to have gone through and made it better. It still doesn't cite any sources. Do we want to try and salvage the page by adding links to it? I know that rumetzen or someone made me a nice pastebin with all of the references to us people had made. If we could try and use those to salvage it, we could get the page up. Alternatively, we could talk to the Wikipedia admins here and apologize for our fans making these pages over and over, and maybe save the work this guy has done so that we could make the page again once we have enough citations.

A side note: if and when we do get a page to stay up, I'd like to use either far2's logo or the original Josie logo for our image.

— Roget

Well, before we put undue work into it, we should find out for sure whether Wikipedia finds the site notable enough for an article to begin with, assuming it has good sources. If so, we should get a copy of the page and put some people on the task of writing up a better article.

As for a logo, we should use whatever is up-to-date and recognizable. So, the circle-and-arrows one would be ideal. Nobody's used the Josie image for anything but O5's favicon for ages.

— Scantron

This is still kind of a crap article. We need to get more general in some areas (Fishmongering) and include a lot more information. I mean, containment breach deserves its own section and paragraph or two, but it gets a sentence.

I would like to see this expanded a lot. We are notable now. We just have to prove it. If someone gets together a list of all the websites that have referenced us so far, we can work from there. Include the spin-offs sites, including the ones that we didn't make, might also be a show of good faith.

— TroyL

I did a quick Google search and here're some articles & stuff regarding us.

01/2014 article:
02/2010 article:
04/2012 article:
01/2014 article:
SCP:CB Wikipedia page:
SCP-087-B game:
article about same:

— Drewbear

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