Wikipedia DYK

Just got this PM from SpiritOfEagle:


I have some very good news. After nearly a month in review, the DYK for the SCP Foundation has been approved and is currently in workshop (which is where approved DYK hooks are assembled into the blocks that appear on the front page) . It will be on the main page for 12 hours, and it currently looks like its time slot will start on May 12 at 14:53 UTC (10:53 AM Eastern Time)*. I'm very excited about this, and am hoping that it results in numerous page views.

-Spirit of Eagle

*It may shift slightly after it gets moved into the formal queue.

I'm pretty excited for this.

Excitement is shared. Is there anything we should do to prepare for an influx of newcomers, or is that unlikely at this point?

Also, what are the formal steps a guy could follow to create a Spanish page for the SCP Foundation? Just saying, I'd be willing to write it and add a subsection on the SCP-ES for good measure.

:3 - Reach

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