Wikipedia Contact Get! *insert fanfare*

Hey guys,

IO has been in contact with an editor on Wikipedia, Spirit of EagleSpirit of Eagle, who's an experienced contributor to that site, and is willing to be a foot in the door there. They want to work with everyone on finding sources and getting the site up to WP's Notability standards. They've also agreed to work with everyone to get the potential article itself up to the site's standard of quality and how we wish to be portrayed on Wikipedia.

I need to ask a huge favor of y'all, though. If they come in again with another draft, please ding a member of IO to communicate with them, or otherwise be patient with them and help them out. Y'all know how to reach me fairly easily. I've been told that the article they shared wasn't quite up to quality standards and a bit of a blowout occurred the last time they were in chat. I'm hoping to put this behind us (and SoE's expressed similar sentiments) and I want to move forward with getting us on the map. This is a big step, y'all, and having a foot (or extra foot, even) in the door can really help us.

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