Wikipedia and Notability

(Scantron) CryogenChaos talked to me about this, so now I'm making this post. We've had The Daily Dot and The Toast write articles about us, and as long as our online profile keeps going up (which, given the other stuff this team is doing, I don't doubt), we're only going to get more formal and informal attention.

A Wikipedia article would give us an air of officially being a Real Thing, as well as being another way for people to get reasonably impartial information and resources about us. It's a place that just about everyone's familiar and comfortable with, so it's a good way of reaching out to the internet.

And if Containment Breach gets one, then so should we, god dammit.

So, this report is here in order to:

  • Figure out what we need in order to meet Wikipedia's notability standards.
  • If we don't already have that, figuring out how we get good sources to write about us, and to which sources we talk. Basically, if we're not notable, we make ourselves notable.
  • Deciding whether we want to exercise oversight over the article once we get it, and if so, what we want in it.

As mentioned in the 'Team Structure' part of our hub page, Voct and Aelanna are good people to get input from. This is just me saying "hey we should do the stuff in the structure".

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