So, staff have been thinking about doing a survey through our social media outlets. What do we want to do? Collecting the data for this would be a pretty big project, so I'm probably going to lay out a plan for collecting data and such, but for now I just want to hear any ideas any team member has on this topic.

I went ahead and made a quick one with ESurveyPro, which is the site that we used for the Heritage Collection poll. I can trigger it as open to the public at any time. Overview of the questions:

  • Gender (menu)
  • Age (menu)
  • Primary Language (menu, including an "other" option)
  • Country of Residence (menu, including an "other" option)
  • How'd you find us (radio buttons, including an "other" field)
  • Which of the officially recognized sites/outreach do you follow (checkboxes)
  • How do you engage in the community. I.e. read articles only, write, draw fanart, other, etc. (checkboxes)
  • "If you could change ONE thing about the wiki, what would it be?" (text field)
  • "Do you have any thoughts or concerns about the direction the wiki is taking?" (text field)
  • "What do you think about Staff and the job they're doing, individually or as a whole?" (text field)

Totally anonymous response, analytics that can be exported as a .pdf, can trigger or close it at any time. I have NOT opened it yet, pending input from other Staff

Got feedback from a ton of people in SSSC, including 3 other Admins and a significant slice of Mods. Survey was slightly tweaked based on input, and is now live: and shortened to

Close date is May 10 at midnight GMT, although this can be changed if necessary. Once the poll is closed, I'll port over the data.

Outreach has posted to all social media sites. Kudos to them for doing a quick and efficient job~! - Roget

Drewbear: Vlank reached out to me and asked whether the non-English sites could/should post the survey to their userbases, and whether that would distort the data. Since we're already getting a significant number of people responding that English is not their primary language, and a good number who state that they read/use the non-English wikis, I told Vlank to go ahead and let their people know. I also said that since the last 3 questions (the free form feedback ones) were originally geared towards the English wiki, to let their people know to put "Spanish:" or "Korean:" or whatever first, if they wanted to discuss the wiki or staff for that language only. I'll send any such responses to the appropriate wiki.

So yeah, let the non-English wikis know that the survey is open to their people too.

Deployed a mass pm to all of the international folks. - Roget

Drewbear: Survey is closed and data is in. Roget is leading the team analyzing it, we hope to get done in a week or two.

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