Internet Outreach Team Update 2.0: The Newening

Now that other teams have adopted our structure, I feel like it's a good time to update how we do things to be more efficient. My proposal is to formalize the informal structure we've been using for awhile, while adding some other things that I feel are logical extensions of things we're already doing.

Vivax, Piefish and Blaroth are now Alternate Captains, officially in charge of twitter, facebook and tumblr respectively. Kens is the alternate captain of reddit but I don't expect him to do anything more than what he's already doing. Alternate captains are able to appoint junior staff and do full functions of the captaincy for their specific area of influence. The Captain and other Alternates still retain vetos on any junior staff appointments made by Alternates, but not the Captain. deviantArt will not be receiving an alternate captain as they don't really need the attention, although if others disagree or the situation changes somebody can be appointed to the post.

The translation wikis are not going to have any kind of alternate captain appointed and any action regarding it still needs the Captain to be in the loop about it. (This is the current status quo)

Two members of every translation site, of their choice, will be appointed as Junior Staff, giving a place on our org chart for people like Gene R who post on 05 but aren't really staff and it makes it hard to know where to place their input. It also allows for easier communication between the translation wikis and the main site. I'd like to have a new forum section created for them called "International Affairs" with links to SCP-INT as an archive and a link to the Extra-Community SCP Sites Guide. This would effectively override SCP-INT's usefulness.

Essentially this makes our social media sites more autonomous and allows us for more ability to take action if one or two people of authority aren't around if something goes down.

In addition, a future development team now exists to explore future sites to put our presence on. I have a few in mind already that we've been working on for awhile. Nobody is currently assigned to this team but it does exist and it will have appointments made in the future.

So the general outline of the plan is:

  • Alternate Captains for most/all sections of Internet Outreach
  • Translation Wiki delegates are Junior Staff appointees
  • New forum section on 05 for international wikis, subject to approval and implementation
  • Future development subteam.
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