Official Staff Off-Site Accounts

Following a good suggestion, any staff members or writers who have off-site accounts relating to SCP Foundation, whether in character or out of character, should link to them here so Community Outreach can be aware of them.

General Social Media

User Network URL
Blaroth Tumblr
Clef Tumblr
Clef Facebook
Decibelles Tumblr
Dr_Kens Tumblr
Sophia Light Tumblr
TheDuckman Tumblr

Reddit Accounts

Add the usernames as they come up. Notify one of the following SCP staff for flair on the /r/SCP subreddit: bluesoul, DrKens, Riemann, weizhong

User Reddit Username
bluesoul bluesoul
Clef themocaw
Crayne AgentCrayne
Decibelles ErnulaxCuilan
Drewbear DrewbearSCP
Dr_Kens ElXGaspeth
Eskobar DEskobar
Gaffney HippieHippieHourah
Photosynthetic Photosynthetic
ProcyonLotor trythisonyourpiano
Riemann IntegratingMethod
Roget Rogay
TheDuckman TheArgentOne
weizhong weizhong5
Wogglebug Wogglebot
Zyn ZynKiryu
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