IO report - followers

IO follower count report from Thursday, 14 Jun, 2018.

Twitter: 11.2k follows

Srs tumblr: 12,815 followers

silly tumblr: 12,817

reddit: 118k

DA: 527 members/2,634 watchers/220,274 page views

Facebook: 32,102 people like this and 32,325 people follow

Deviantart still appears to be recovering from the time we had a mod accidentally let someone in to co-mods who deleted everything. (See previous reports)

Everything else is striving forwards.

Previous report stats posted on Monday, 23 April, 2018

Twitter: In the past 91 days we've accrued 904.9 K impressions. 5.5K link clicks, 1.3% engagement rate (on all tweets), 304 rts (3/day) and 1.3 K likes.

Silly Tumblr: 11,700 follows

Serious tumblr: 12,543 follows

DA: 506 members. 214,992 page views. 2,563 watchers.

Reddit: 106,283

FB: 31,120 people like the page. 31,299 people follow the page.

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