IO discord report

We held a meeting within our discord to discuss possible problem users:
Our system of removal of problematic users from IO discord will be: warning/mute/24hr/perma banned. Muted will be placed in a quiet channel with their own mute role. Keeping track of those who break rules will be pins in the staff chat of who they are, what they have done and any evidence also edited into their pin. Message deletion is currently turned off to prevent evidence being deleted before it can be seen.

Our system of inviting people to our IO discord will be:
A member of the IO team makes a suggestion of who we'd like to invite into our discord in invites-to-discord. The suggestions are voted on via the use of emojis and discussed in invites or staff. Invites are made based on our own judgement.

Each motion has been voted on and passed by the IO team.

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