Bluesoul has been going out and creating official pages for the SCP wiki on facebook and twitter, and I think ghostchibi owns one which we could make into an officially recognized outlet. I'll be assigning one or more people to work on these, and they'll be updating them regularly with admin powers and such. I will be asking to have some sort of access to the accounts as well, but beyond that they'll be able to run them as they see fit. So, yeah, good job to BlueSoul and others. I'll be making a post on SCP-INT about these pages, and recommending that folks like the SCP-RU twitter and others crosslink to them, and we can crosslink back.

(Scantron) If we're setting up official pages on social media sites, I'll offer to run (individually or with others) whatever we come up with for Tumblr. I have non-trivial experience with the site's ins and outs, and I enjoy the community and format.

(Roget)Ghostchibi is currently the person I have designated to do the tumblr stuff, but if you want to talk to her about helping with it and she wants the help, I have no objections. You do know the tumblr-y stuff.

(Scantron) Will do.

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