Facebook Post Limiting

Per discussion with Roget and Eskobar, we've all agreed we should not post to Facebook more than once every 8 hours. You can schedule a post for later by clicking the little clock in the lower-left of the post window. Try and keep things varied, some images, some recent SCPs, some site news, some classics, some tales, and so on.

Roget and I are both page managers and can add you to the FB Admins, you need to like the page and then we will need the email address tied to your facebook account to send the invite.

(from Scantron) Sounds good to me. Is a similar policy requested for the tumblr? I don't think overposting will be a problem (or that high quantity content is a bad thing), but I'm open to hearing reasons why it would.

I don't think so. — Roget

No, Twitter and Tumblr are different animals than Facebook, they need quantity as well as quality. Facebook, you run a real risk of spamming someone's feed and having them unsubscribe. Twitter could have a post every 10-20 minutes and you probably wouldn't bother anyone. -bluesoul

I've also specifically asked people posting to the Facebook feed to sign their posts at the end with their username, both for general reference and in case we need to contact someone about phrasing, clarification, etc. -Eskobar

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