DA was NOT hacked but here is the run down.

Alright, so we recently had a hiccup regarding our DA page.

After investigating and poking around our page a person by the DA username of 'GrimboGrimbo' had accidentally been accepted in to the 'co founder' group by the DA user 'JetStrange'. The Co-founder group is basically an admin group which has a lot of control over the group. Grimbo has since removed himself/deleted his DA account.

I was informed that the little DA icon on our front page was removed.

I've poked around to see what the damage was… It's pretty heavy.

- All of our members of the group were kicked out.
- All of the co-founders/admins were blocked from the group (Including Roget)
- A note was sent to me from JetStrange saying that Grimbo had put the blame on them for the 'rules of joining' the group. The rules of joining the group were to read the rules, get the password in the rules and join the group with the password.
They had come up with this idea themselves.
- All art that was submitted/faved was deleted
- Settings within the admin areas were changed to not allow members/kicked out co-founders
- Icon changed to something weird
- Tagline set to 'KILL ALL JEWS AND N**GERS'. which was the first thing I changed.
- Past journals were deleted
- Faves were deleted

Everything is basically fucked and we're going to have to work up from a clean slate. I will be cleaning up the page for a day or so to get it back on it's feet. After that, any IO member who wishes to help maintain the page is welcome to do so. Just contact me on here, skype or FB.

If I have missed anything in this report I will edit it in later but right now I have things to do and I am rather ill at this second.

- Roth

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