And I'm here

Dr. Clef here. I've been made the primary contact for Internet Outreach. Getting caught up with how things are going here.

Things are going well. We just got a Wikipedia entry, and the social media sites are regularly hitting milestones. Recently, we've been discussing expanding to other media sites, like YouTube, and trying to expand on our relationships with content creators.

- CLEF: Got it. Do we have a list of who has the login information for our various social media sites? I'd like to make sure that everyone has at least one backup, in case of vacation or emergency. Aside from that, you guys are doing great. Have fun interacting with your communities: I think that's the most important thing.

Roth: Find Roget or myself for that information. I'm pretty sure only twitter needs login information for each individual person due to there being no admin (Add this person to admin) functions. Tumblr, DA, facebook and reddit all have admin functions, thus allowing us to access them from our own personal accounts when we want to. If you want a list of who is on where, hit up Roget.

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