SCP-550 "The Ghûl"

As I was rewriting 550, I decided to look for the original image source for a better quality picture. I found the artist's website for the picture (was found displayed here, here's the artist's website), and emailed him about it:


This is Accelerando, a staff member of a collaborative fiction website called the SCP Foundation. Recently, we noticed that one of your images was placed on our site without attribution in an article. Specifically, this image:

We would like to have your permission to use this image. In the article itself, we can credit you for creating the image, either with an in-character link to your website, or a post in the article discussion page attributing the image to you. You may also request for the complete removal of this image from the article.

I hope to hear from you soon!


(Link to the SCP Wiki

They responded with:

Dear Accelerando,

If this article is not about my work, please remove the image.


Levi van Veluw

A bit of a shame, but oh well. I'll remove it from the original article. One of his works are also in Visual Records, so that's gone too.

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