SCP-1497 "Visual Perfection"

TwistedGears was notified by Toxias of 1497's image source, which is a product on Etsy. I contacted the creator; will update this with a response.


This is Accelerando, a staff member of a collaborative fiction website called the SCP Foundation. Recently, we noticed that one of your images was placed on our site without attribution in an article.

Specifically, this image:

And this image:

We would like to have your permission to use this image. In the article itself, we can credit you for creating the image, either with an in-character link to your website, or a post in the article discussion page attributing the image to you. Either way, we're interested in providing people access to your product. You may also request for the complete removal of this image from the article it is featured in.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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