Getty Images

[22:19] * Accelerando (~moc.rr.ser.iiawah.6C04EFB2-CRInys|odnoRtoN#moc.rr.ser.iiawah.6C04EFB2-CRInys|odnoRtoN) has joined
[22:44] <Accelerando> I've been looking up info about GettyImages, and I don't know what to think.
[22:44] <Accelerando>
[22:44] <Accelerando>
[22:44] <Accelerando>
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[22:44] <Roget> weizhong, find out what we should think
[22:45] <weizhong> o7

research intensifies

[22:50] <weizhong> Okay
[22:50] <weizhong> Getty Images flips shit about people using their images
[22:50] <weizhong> But then sometimes they don't
[22:51] <weizhong> So we should stay away from using Getty Images at all
[22:51] <Roget> I agree
[22:51] <weizhong> Because they will threaten people with lawsuits
[22:51] <weizhong> Even if they don't actually sue
[22:51] <weizhong> This is kind of a shitstorm
[22:51] <Roget> .tell Accelerando since Getty images spazzes and is weird we're not going to bother with them
[22:51] <Glacon> Roget: I'll pass that along.
[22:51] <Roget> Actually I'll just post this on 05 as a report

[22:52] <weizhong> Throw in my caveat that they can only be used if they're embedded like they want
[22:52] <weizhong> I see their images everywhere
[22:52] <weizhong> I had no idea they were so uptight about it

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