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In their capacity as MAST co-captains torcsandantlerstorcsandantlers and Siddartha AlonneSiddartha Alonne promoted Cassandra_PrimeCassandra_Prime and stormfallenstormfallen to MAST VC on Aug 29, 2022.

MAST VC Promotions by torcsandantlerstorcsandantlers, 30 Sep 2022 20:56

Username: ly#7000
ID: 629809258321543169

Ban Reason: Shitstirring.
Duration: One month.
Date: September 30th, 2022

[DISCORD] ly#7000 by Siddartha AlonneSiddartha Alonne, 30 Sep 2022 17:42

Username: ТОВА СЪМ АЗ!!!#7440
ID: 963090920184639608

Ban Reason: Mirroring AHT Ban (
Duration: Permanent.
Date: September 30th, 2022

Declined Jack_Bright_05-14Jack_Bright_05-14 for name, and application that did not meet criteria:

Hello I would like to be a part of creating SCPs. I have been a fan for a while now and I love the idea, I hope that you will consider my request.

Re: Username Log by ZynZyn, 30 Sep 2022 06:53

There might be some missing context here—the user in question did ask me for assistance deleting their old sandbox pages.

At any rate though, the information they gave about the mainsite deletions process is still incorrect.

Re: Non-Disc Record - PenOrSaber1 by ZynZyn, 30 Sep 2022 06:13

Noting that the behavior is continuing, with them giving a user incorrect information regarding the deletions process and encouraging the user to contact Zyn directly to delete articles.

I'm…conflicted on allowing the original author to delete a translation. On one hand CC is CC and there's no requirement for staff to delete anything under the license, especially if the deleter isn't the "creator" of the translation. On the other hand, there's currently no recourse for unfaithful/poor translations or "spite" translations aside from pointing it out in the comments and voting accordingly.

Declined O5-1111111O5-1111111 for name, and application that did not meet criteria:

I want to join cuz I like work

Re: Username Log by ZynZyn, 28 Sep 2022 05:56

Thank you for everything you've done! (And the memes you've shared, I do appreciate them a lot.)

Thank you for all your insight and assistance at the administrative level, you did much more than most will ever know.

I am leaving the role of administrator.

I intend to remain on staff as IO & Discord Captains in the mod rank, but I don't think I can commit to the role of admin much longer. It's been stressful and I've been holding out on the hopes that we'd pass some admin reform policy that would significantly decrease the workload, but that seems to have stalled indefinitely for one reason or another. As such I've decided to just rip the metaphorical bandaid off.

I'd probably still be available to advise admins if they need it, but I don't think I have the mental capacity to be able to do it consistently. Some have probably already noticed my slightly declining activity on staff already and less frequent appearances on 05, so this may not be such a surprise.

It's been fun. I'll still be around, but the era of admin Yossi is closing. New year, new me and all. Cheers.

My bad, I should have pointed you towards that list and totally forgot. I agree that for anything not on that list, explicit authorial permission should be required.

I see the reasoning but I'm not sure it should be an absolute rule, because some people in the past have posted on other people's behalf.

Finally you must either be the author or the translator of the work to post it onto the SCP wiki

If the author is not an English speaker and/or not a member of EN, but would still like the translation of their work brought to a broader audience, I think it should be permitted for someone else to post the translation to EN with their permission. I know this would usually be the role of the translator, but there are many translations on the International Translation Archive where the translator is no longer active.

After considering feedback, the list I'm planning on pruning has been reduced down to the tags below:

Delete SCP Materials:

  • clay
  • crystalline
  • glass
  • metallic
  • stone
  • wooden

(There was some pushback on metallic and stone, but I feel like either the material matters and we keep all these tags and remain open to adding more, or it doesn't and we delete them all.)

Delete and retag:

  • container (retag artefact)
  • timepiece (retag artefact)
  • furniture (retag artefact)
  • map (retag document or inscription)
  • instrument (retag tool)
  • recording (retag media)
  • key (retag tool)
  • cube (retag polyhedral)
  • statue (retag sculpture + animal/humanoid)

Delete entirely:

  • physics
  • sentient
  • carnivorous
  • omnivorous

I've changed my mind on some artefacts, the tags to delete are the ones that feel either unnecessarily specific or unhelpfully broad.

Re: [DISCUSSION] Tag Pruning by JerdenJerden, 27 Sep 2022 08:04

Take it easy and rest up!! D: Best of luck recovering!

The contest banner would require altering the contest div in the CSS module itself, which I reasoned as an acceptable compromise because the current system of contest banners basically also require that — we tend to make fresh divs for contests in line with the theme (nightmarefest was orange and black, memecon, etc)

As if I am cursed, this has in fact become the "Fable is injured and can't do his job" thread. I was rear ended again and have a concussion, and will not be around much the next week as a result.

Oh yeah, I'd support that for sure.

Yep, changed the link to here: and noted that it can be official or recognized branches.

Just a thought - why not merge cube and polyhedral into a single polyhedral/polyhedron tag? It's minor but having them as seperate tags seems overly specific, I don't think SCPs for polyhedrons are that distinct from SCPs for cubes?

Re: [DISCUSSION] Tag Pruning by JerdenJerden, 26 Sep 2022 17:20
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