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One minor quibble.

/register [password] [email]

I recommend removing the brackets, as when this has been explained to people with brackets before, they end up putting in the brackets even when explicitly instructed not to do so.

Similar things on other commands further down the page. Everything else is about as clear as it can be made but people will trip up on the brackets.

Everything else looks great.

dr_smiles_officialdr_smiles_official (account age 13 days, site membership 1 day) coldposted three low-quality works today, seemingly getting worse and worse in quality with each posting:

SCP-4978 seems to be a mineral of some sorts. But strangely leaves marks like and looks like a crayon. SCP-4978 has a red and brown copper wire through the center (most likely used to detonate the device). All we know is that the explosion radius is at least with out any more additives 100,000 meters wide and 200,000 meters high.

scp-4196 is A rusty prison cell with an area of 30 feet by 30 feet anyone who enters the cellfor more than 5 minuets will enter a sleep like trance. which will then be followed by the subject being torn apart limb by limb until only the torso remains then the floor will eaat the remains of the human (title was incorrectly formatted)
scp-4208 is a humanoid scp with missing facial features and reduced and enlarged limbs scattered across the body that scp-4208 can use to teleport through electronic devices like cameras and computers scp-4208 is not to come into contact wit scp-682 or will have a extreme spasm that can last from 6-82 days

When addressed by the community, they responded:

  • "alright i will fix scp 4978 but the other one was made by my freind and I had nothing to do with it but thank you for the feedback"
  • double-post "if you would like to re write the article you have permission to do so"
  • triple-post "and thanks for fixing it sorry I misread the reply"
  • "ok im sorry its my first time writing an scp and I dont really dont know how to work the website right now but thank you for the comment and I will fix this right away"
  • double-post "i crossed out the first part on porpose but if you would like to rewrite the article feel free"
  • "alright everyone i have fixed some of the article of scp-4978 including the adendum i hope you are all satisfyed and if not i will try again same anomoly different article thank you"

Given the sheer cluelessness and the fact that they attempted to blame one of the coldposts on their friend, I've revoked their site membership. PM has been sent.

Disciplinary - dr_smiles_official by ZynZyn, 24 May 2019 06:55

Re-applied, accepted. Keep an eye on.

Re: Disciplinary - Omega Shenron by ZynZyn, 24 May 2019 05:52

Got a long reply:

As staff reviewers prioritize threads with no replies, someone posting a low-content critique actually can make it harder for the author to get a more thorough review.

Definitely noted, I had no idea that's how you guys did it and now I feel extremely bad. All my post truly stemmed from looking through threads after posting mine and seeing how long some had gone without any feedback at all. I'm of course not blaming you guys as all as you make it clear they time and I'm sure you all are busy. Still, I noticed that ,at least for me, having even the smallest most insignificant thoughts on your idea could help you guide to feeling validated or not and further development. Whether the idea was just a sentence or an already done draft, just having no comments for days felt disappointing, likely because I'm usually excited about mine.

you have been posting relatively low-content critique that is sometimes unhelpful to authors or otherwise misleading

As far as content, I definitely have my faults. I've definitely been being rosy with most, even if the idea seemed lacking, but mainly to encourage further development. This would be where those "neat ideas" and "places to go with this" come from. I would think you guys would definitely agree, in a world like SCP, any idea could become good, they just take some working. In my first comments, I laid out long story-lines that people could go down, but I wasn't sure if that was viewed negatively around here or not. So, I definitely have been more vague, but I also wanted a ton of communication with the OP to see where I could help.

That being said, the main reason I've been hanging around this forum is because my post is still pending green-light. Considering I'm going to be hanging around for that, I'd like literally any critiques you guys could give me for commenting, and I'll definitely refrain from being the first post. I do still want to post as a casual reader, hence why my Preface stresses my novice status.

I'd actually like to know how many mods and what post brought issues. I recently had a back and forth with Shannor and I felt like we came to a pretty respectful understanding. I'd love to talk with any other mods as well. Honestly if there was a critique boot camp or deputy program I'd be instantly in line.

ETA: after some back and forth, I've introduced them to the Young and Under 30 project, as well as the critique-related resources in the Guide Hub.

I believe they will improve with no trouble.

Re: Non-Disc Record - MrMeenor by ZynZyn, 24 May 2019 05:44

SteamClementineSteamClementine recently submitted the following application:

I've always loved horror. Sadly I am below the age requirement(14), but I can prove myself and become a worthy part of this community, if given a chance, and helping others and creating memorable SCPs

Banned for 1 year.

Age Record - SteamClementine by ZynZyn, 24 May 2019 05:29

So… in the most recent episode of Zyn gets a lot of PMs from a single user in a few hours…

RavoniesRavonies has a bit of a history of spamming the site with their ideas threads:

As well as low-content review posts:

This sounds way too dangerous to exist… even for a SCP.
It sounds almost like a episode of Goosebumps really….

And they sent me 9 PMs today, stuff like:

I thought I had all of them down :(

I will go through and re-read them… sorry.

I am not good at this SCP thing, I am good at having the ideas not good at executing them.

Also I am afrade to touch have buttons on the editor bar… I know what bold and italics and underline do and those. but the rest, scare me.

I would say the closest that comes to it is Zalgo…
[youtube link here I didn't click on]

Mine is less scary and I already know it is crap… My original script got eaten by my hamster. :(
I'll let you review it anyways :3

They might be underage. Keep an eye on.

Non-Disc Record - Ravonies by ZynZyn, 24 May 2019 03:55

Agreeing with and confirming implementation of permaban.

Re: Disciplinary - ABeautifulLie by ZynZyn, 24 May 2019 03:14

New site member MrMeenorMrMeenor (account age 7 days, site membership 6 days) has been posting some overly simple feedback in the forums, which I have received a complaint about:

MrMeenor has been making a ton of posts to I&B threads. Crit consists of "Preface: I HAVE NO EXPERTISE WORTH MENTIONING. I AM HARDLY A WEEK OLD AND HAVE AS MUCH CREDIBILITY AS BUM ON THE STREET.That being said, I've read through a good few of these threads and like to think I can give helpful very subjective anecdotal comments." then three bullet points that almost always has very little content.

At the time of writing they have made a total of four posts like this nine hours ago, and three posts over the course of a few minutes.

Of note, an example of the three bullet points is the first link:

I definitely think it's a novel SCP.
I sort of have my reserves about why someone would keep using a chart that obviously causes pain.
Maybe you could shoot some log ideas?

I've sent them a PM asking them to let experienced authors handle making the first post, and noting that we received a complaint about their behavior. If they continue to spam, we move to revoke.

Of note, some of their feedback is more on the borderline side and is relatively okay for a completely new reviewer. Keep an eye on.

Non-Disc Record - MrMeenor by ZynZyn, 24 May 2019 02:47


Admin, SCP Wiki

Re: Disciplinary - Laclale by AdminBrightAdminBright, 24 May 2019 02:16

No concerns.

Admin, SCP Wiki

Agreeing with perma.

Admin, SCP Wiki

Yeh, greenlighting is only for members of the community.

Admin, SCP Wiki

Re: Disciplinary - Wydness by AdminBrightAdminBright, 24 May 2019 02:08

While I don't think it's the case here, I could easily see a bitter, banned person deciding to abuse processes like greenlighting for petty revenge. As well, banning is meant to remove them from the site completely. Going to agree with others here that Wydness should not be allowed to participate in greenlighting.

Absolutely not. In fact, while I'm not Disc, I believe this should toll negatively against any future attempts to rejoin the site.

ABeautifulLieABeautifulLie went on a mass-vandalism spree that included both the Series V and IV pages, among a couple others. User added a MASSIVE [[div]] to the top of every article they vandalized.

Mann emergency banned.

Seconding this, to avoid the slippery slope I do not see any reason to allow a banned user's greenlight to be valid. There are hundreds of valid users that can greenlight, we're not short on unbanned people here.

Not disc but the whole thing about being banned is you cannot partake in the site; greenlighting is just that.

~🏵~Flower Power~🏵~

Re: Disciplinary - Wydness by LilyFlowerLilyFlower, 23 May 2019 11:01

Of note, they replied to the staff post with:

I appreciate staff taking the time to do quality control, but at the same time, I'm not here to write the article for the author. I'm just pointing things out that would be worthwhile to consider.

Edna Granbo helpfully explained the issue and linked them to the Criticism Policy. Hopefully the user here improves.

Re: Non-Disc Record - TurtleSticks by ZynZyn, 23 May 2019 08:28

Of note, it seems like Wydness has continued to be active in the other SCP communities, including giving greenlights via Discord DMs? Per this thread:

Do we want to allow this? It seems kind of iffy given the behavior that led to the banning and the fact that it kind of gets around the ban from the mainsite community.

Re: Disciplinary - Wydness by ZynZyn, 23 May 2019 08:13

New site member Doctor LindbuchlerDoctor Lindbuchler (account age 96 days, site membership 2 days) recently coldposted a low-quality article:

SCP-4165 is an unidentified species of sea creature that seems to have a humanoid figure with a fish tail ending where the legs would normally be. SCP-4165 is 12.8

feet long and weighing at 442 pounds. SCP-4165 has no facial features except a large mouth where the face would be. SCP-4165's teeth have been examined and proved to have the teeth of a 2-3 year old Great White Shark.

They also tried to source the image they used, but per Laneous, "at the bottom it states "Copyright © 2019 Crazy Daily Content.", and a cursory Google search showed no results for it being a CC-Compliant image."

They also replied to a staff deletion vote with:


Of note, while they have a few concept threads for other unwieldy ideas, they don't seem to have any forum activity seeking feedback for this particular draft's material. Also, they didn't create a sandbox page until after the coldpost was in deletion.

Keep an eye on.

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