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Re: Disciplinary - DrNeon by DrMagnusDrMagnus, 29 Sep 2020 17:09

Thank you for everything, ARD. You've been an inspiration to many, including myself, and I wish you the best of luck for the future.

Take care.

Re: Away Random Day by NaveilNaveil, 29 Sep 2020 16:31

Despite being banned, user has continued to pester staff for critique of their piece.

Since this user clearly Does Not Get It, I am now calling to make their ban permanent.

Re: Disciplinary - DrNeon by MalyceGravesMalyceGraves, 29 Sep 2020 15:13


Well, it's surprising but if you need to do that, do what you gotta do and take care of yourself. You (and Coony as well) give me, a while ago, the chance to join your ranks and, even if we hadn't spoke too much these days, it was still a pleasure and an honor to have you as a captain.


Re: Away Random Day by The PigheadThe Pighead, 29 Sep 2020 14:15

Stay safe ARD, I hope all is well for you, and good luck for the future.

Re: Away Random Day by OCuinOCuin, 29 Sep 2020 11:35

Take it easy buddy. Do what you need to do, figure out what you need to figure out. Maybe we will see you back on staff some other random day. If not, that will be fine too. Take care legend. :)

Re: Away Random Day by WhiteGuardWhiteGuard, 29 Sep 2020 06:37
TheMightyMcBTheMightyMcB 29 Sep 2020 05:17
in discussion SCP Chat / Chat Users » Lemuria

TL;DR: guy is "16", spent a collective 20 minutes in 19 before pretty much everyone agreed he was not mature enough for the chat. I kickbanned for the standard year and procy took the appeal, seen below.

The bird denied the appeal, yearlong stands.

Lemuria by TheMightyMcBTheMightyMcB, 29 Sep 2020 05:17

We spoke already, but I'm gonna miss you, dude.

Re: Away Random Day by ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 29 Sep 2020 03:30

I've got some big shoes to fill. Promise to make you proud.

Re: Away Random Day by taylor_itkintaylor_itkin, 29 Sep 2020 03:25

Thirding, and enacting permaban on mainsite and sandbox. PM sent.

Re: Disciplinary - RucaRaika by ZynZyn, 29 Sep 2020 03:11

RucaRaikaRucaRaika (W: 9 days | S: 21 hours) plagiarized the text of SCP-5893, which is currently in deletion. Text follows:

As this is very clearly an example of plagiarism via plot re-use rather than utilizing it as reference or inspiration, I am calling for a permanent ban.

Disciplinary - RucaRaika by MalyceGravesMalyceGraves, 29 Sep 2020 02:39

Again, thank you so much for everything you've done over the years, ARD. I hope everything goes well for you, and good luck with your future endeavors.

Re: Away Random Day by HexickHexick, 29 Sep 2020 01:17

I know I said it in the seminars chat, but please take care of yourself. I'm sad to see you go, and I hope everything is alright in your life. You're a wonderful person ARD. Never stop being you. (I know you're not leaving leaving but its sort of a good bye for now type thing.)

Re: Away Random Day by KaraKattKaraKatt, 29 Sep 2020 00:54

I'm taking an indefinite sabbatical, effective as of now. I'm not leaving the site but am stepping down from all my roles on CO, Disc, and Forum Crit. taylor_itkintaylor_itkin has graciously accepted the CO Captainship because he can do a much better job than me.

Re: Away Random Day by A Random DayA Random Day, 29 Sep 2020 00:21
Re: Taylor
taylor_itkintaylor_itkin 28 Sep 2020 23:12
in discussion Staff Updates / Staff Updates » Taylor

I return.

Re: Taylor by taylor_itkintaylor_itkin, 28 Sep 2020 23:12

User TekkazKJ recently posted an article to the main list. "SCP-5298" is pretty clearly just a description of the character Kratos from the God of War franchise.

I warned them about it in the comments, and Riemann deleted the article with MalyceGraves as a witness.

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