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Fair6272Fair6272 has a history of not understanding how the site posting process works, as well as outright ignoring community member instructions on using a sandbox and requesting critique. Non-Disc thread here:

Of note, their progression of problematic behavior included tagging their own article with "in-deletion", later re-tagging it with "in-deletion:not-staff-placed" and making their own deletion vote post, tagging the page with "abandoned-by-author", renaming the page url to append "-DRAFT" to the url, and creating a new page for the SCP slot they occupied with a message asking that readers look at the mainsite draft version.

Membership revoked. PM has been sent.

Disciplinary - Fair6272 by ZynZyn, 26 May 2018 08:11

They also posted a new SCP-3591, with a redirect to their url-renamed current work:

Drafted SCPs do not belong in the mainline. Please see SCP-3591-DRAFT

I deleted the page and will enact a revoke.

ETA: disc thread up.

Re: Non-Disc Record - Fair6272 by ZynZyn, 26 May 2018 08:08

Noting they added the tag of 'abandoned-by-author', and changed the title so it ended in -DRAFT before posting on the discussion page under the title 'Do not delete this' -

This shall be considered draft SCP.

Non-staff posted that drafts belong in the sandbox, not on the mainsite.

I'm getting more of an underage vibe personally, with this continuing behaviour and not learning from past mistakes.

PotatolevisuPotatolevisu, as per their chat ban thread: and their introduction post: is 14.

Nothing nothing really new to say
Just got passed today
Won’t write anything down here.
Cause my English aren’t good as a you-guys
I didn’t read that much SCP
Still need some time to get use to it

And Please tell me how to use the chatroom
Can’t really figure out

don‘t be too excited when you finally get in the chatroom
and 14 years 8 month isn’t 15

Given the sheer amount of spam they were posting in the IRC chat and the extremely long discussion necessary to help them get into the chatroom to begin with, it seems evident that they're not of age.

I've banned for 4 months, with the time elapsing at the same day as the chat ban (26 September). PM has been sent.

ETA: got a weird PM back from them:

I think 3 years will be better
If four month was enough
Still a big fan of foundation
// And i think you can delete that chain of junk post //

birth days: 14/9/2003

Age Record - Potatolevisu by ZynZyn, 26 May 2018 06:58
Re: Potato-trolozy
ZynZyn 26 May 2018 06:55
in discussion SCP Chat / Users » Potato-trolozy

That would explain why it took them so long to figure out how to access chat to begin with…

I'll enact the site ban too.

ETA: done.

Re: Potato-trolozy by ZynZyn, 26 May 2018 06:55
minminminmin 26 May 2018 05:39
in discussion SCP Chat / Users » Potato-trolozy

shortly after joining 19:

put into banlist until 26 sept but I don't think it'll make any difference when they come back

Potato-trolozy by minminminmin, 26 May 2018 05:39

Realized I kind of went inactive without a warning. As school winds down and other responsibilities start to kick in, I’ve been too busy to do WikiWalk. I definitely won’t be able to do work this weekend, and expect me to be slow for the duration of the contest.

Re: not_AFK_seagull by not_a_seagullnot_a_seagull, 26 May 2018 05:22

MongolthemongolianMongolthemongolian recently submitted an application with the following text:

Currently I'm 14 but my birthday is in a couple of days.p a s s c o d e

I'm just declining it for now, no ban. Not particularly hopeful though, given that their app doesn't meet criteria and they couldn't just wait the "couple days" and instead tried to effectively ask for an exception to the rules that everyone is expected to follow.

Age Record - Mongolthemongolian by ZynZyn, 26 May 2018 05:10

Noting that they also re-tagged their work with "in-deletion:not-staff-placed".

Re: Non-Disc Record - Fair6272 by ZynZyn, 26 May 2018 01:24
Re: Non-Disc Record - Mr-Melone by ZynZyn, 25 May 2018 23:11

Non-Disc Record here:

Mr-MeloneMr-Melone has a history of not getting the site, evidenced by their repeated coldposts of very lightly-edited work, noted in their previous record. They also recently coldposted a low-quality joke article, titled "SCP-D@V!D", excerpted:

SCP-D@V!D is a 5''5', 182 LB. 12-year-old male. The child appears to be 1/4 Japenese and 3/4 Caucasian. SCP-D@V!D's name is D@V!D. Not David, D@V!D. SCP-D@V!D will incinerate anything it touches, with the exception of cardboard. Due to this, all guards on duty observing SCP_D@V!D are required to wear a full cardboard suit.

In the thread for the article, they further demonstrated lack of understanding of how the site worked, as well as leaving a spampost:

Upon the article nearing deletion at -30, they edited the joke SCPs list page: to do the following:

I've revoked the membership and removed the troll content from the Jokes page.

Disciplinary - Mr-Melone by ZynZyn, 25 May 2018 23:10

ETA: received reply

Im 15 the heck do you mean? My birth day is january 20 2003

Given the frequent instances of immature behavior and the amount of cleanup community members had to do for this user, I sent them a reply stating that their immaturity and grade level make it difficult for the community to believe that they're telling the truth about being of age, and as such the ban will stand. At any rate, a year to mature and improve their writing will likely do them good.

Re: Age Record - THE-XK WRITER by ZynZyn, 25 May 2018 21:47

Declined SCP-096ZSCP-096Z for name, and application missing criteria:

Hello, I am a huge fan of the SCP wiki and I would like to join the Site. A reason why I’ve joined is because I really enjoy the creative ideas that thrive in this place and I wanna join in, SCP-096Z.

Re: Username Log by ZynZyn, 25 May 2018 21:37

Also agreeing with the above. In this case, I would personally downvote for this slur used in this way, but as staff, I want writers to be able to use any language in their fictional work. There's a limit out there, but this isn't even close to it (and even if it were, I'd look for a solution besides required removal).

^ this. There’s been plenty of cases over the years where people have used slurs in articles in appropriate situations (ie the N word in the tupac article’s raps), and while this instance certainly isn’t funny (and would almost certainly lead to downvotes) there’s nothing rule-breaking about it.

In the context of a work of fiction characters can act as makes sense for the character. The sad fact of life is that a substantial portion of the population could or would use the r slur in the context above, therefore a fictional character doing so isn’t out of place enough to require staff action like an obvious troll article filled with slurs would.

Echoing above (I mean, fuck, I’ve done it myself). We should just watch this user though; doesn’t seem promising.

Agreeing with Tuomey. The slur was certainly unnecessary but it’s not breaking any rules by being used in an article (as opposed to, say, the forums or IRC chat).

I have to disagree with this action. People can use slurs in their writing - the rule is about not using them outside of fiction. This case is a particularly bad example, but people can do it if they're not trolling or breaking other rules with their work.


Admin, SCP Wiki

Re: Disciplinary - Bunchie by TheDuckmanTheDuckman, 25 May 2018 12:10

Daddi ToasterDaddi Toaster (member of the site for 10 days) posted their full joke draft in the Drafts and Critique Forum but, more of an issue, is their use of slurs within this work (censorship by myself, they used the actual slur) -

Special Containment Procedures: ITS JUST A CARDBOARD BOX! Like are the people at this place fucking [r-slur], this thing is literally just a FUCKING CARDBOARD BOX!!!!!

Staff-posted addressing the slur issue primarily and the draft issue secondary -

Even in a joke scip, there is no reason or excuse to use slurs such as the 'r-word'. Additionally, though less important in this circumstance, please don't post your entire draft in the forums. Instead, upload it to a sandbox and then post the link to the work.

Please remove the slur from your work, it's unacceptable.

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