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Re: [DISCUSSION] Adjunct Staff by HarmacyHarmacy, 28 Jan 2023 19:32

Noting that it was brought to attention that the following two accounts are likely used by the same individual:

Dr Ludo SmithDr Ludo Smith

  • account created 20 Jan 2023, 03:23

Dr Robert LucciDr Robert Lucci

  • account created 20 Jan 2023, 03:18

The Dr Ludo Smith account coldposted a work that is currently in deletion: excerpt:

SCP-6234 is quite an active object at times when it wants to be and has a mind of its own. It has tendencies to drain all power around the area it's in thus why it has to be transported under critical conditions. It is contained in walls of concrete that are 6 layers thick to stop any current from entering its containment chamber. The walls are 6ft long and there is a chalk-white painted circle displayed on the floor in the center

of the room. The entity must be placed exactly within the perimeters of the circle.

The page has two upvotes, from both accounts. Additionally, the other account posted the comment:

This is a good scp

when accused of sockpuppeting, they replied:

Wad ya mean

Keep an eye on.

Re: Username Log by ZynZyn, 27 Jan 2023 07:13

Hmm. I don't have a firm definition for long-term, but I then realized that term is only used in the short description, and isn't necessary / slightly misrepresents the position. I'll remove it from the blurb that will go to Staff Structure.

As for losing the position, I have this:

It may be removed following Disciplinary action, voluntary retirement, or at the decision of a Captain.

Which I believe is just about all of the ways that a normal staff position can be removed. I guess this needs to be edited to include a VoNC as well, since that isn't technically Disciplinary action.

can I get some nice "no signatures on my forum"
sigma-9 css machine broke
understandable have a nice day

Declined 05-16 Balty05-16 Balty for name, and application that did not meet criteria:


Re: Username Log by ZynZyn, 25 Jan 2023 07:08

Noting that Wolf272Wolf272 has four failed applications:


I would like to join the site because I have some good ideas and would like to post them here. I hope that I can join and thank you if you do.


Hello, I am Wolf, and I would like to join the Scp Foundation because I have some ideas that I think people might like. I hope that I am allowed to join.


Hello, I am Wolf. I would like to join the site and would be thankful if I am allowed to join. I have been denied 2 times now and I do not know why. my account is fine, so I don't know why I was denied.


Hello I am Wolf I would like to join the site and for some reason I have been denied for 3 times and I do not know why. I have some good ideas and would like to put them here.If I am denied tell me why

Re: Applications Maturity Ban Log by ZynZyn, 25 Jan 2023 06:51

a specific long-term responsibility

What does long-term entail?

Is there any mechanism for losing the Adjunct Staff position, or is it the same as normal positions?

There's some concern on o4 as to what the policy would actually be. To my understanding the definition of an adjunct staffer would be a staff member who:

  • Does not having voting powers in staff votes
  • is not subject to staff status review after a term of one year as would be the case for junior staff

Am I missing anything?

Edit: yeah this is answered in its entirely in the linked policy doc

The concerns on o4 are why someone would be made adjunct staff. And I honestly think stricter definitions would rob the designation of its utility.

Re: [DISCUSSION] Adjunct Staff by NaepicNaepic, 24 Jan 2023 18:48


Hexick, SCP Wiki Operational Staff, Community Outreach/MAST/Licensing/Site Crit
Personal site:
Feel free to forward any concerns or inquiries to my Wikidot inbox.

Re: [DISCUSSION] Adjunct Staff by HexickHexick, 24 Jan 2023 17:57

Full support, not additional comments or concerns.

04 Mirror

Recently, we have had a few issues with staff members who still manage some external site function, but are not actively involved in any form of staff work. In order to preserve these users knowledge and expertise, while making it clear they are not actively involved in staff nor are expected to be, a new staff role is being proposed: the Adjunct Staffer. This role will allow for users to remain staff and make it clear they are a part of the greater body, but afford few powers and not propose a significant change for any day-to-day operations.

The tenets of this policy are being proposed in the following document — — which will be created as a new page on 05Command should it pass. Additionally, the following line will be added to Staff Structure:

  • Adjunct Staff - An Adjunct Staffer is an individual who manages a specific responsibility for the site, but is not generally active regarding staff work.

This role is intended to replace the existing "Reserve Junior Staff" position. It is somewhat parallel to the Junior Staff role, but functions more as a "Retired Staff" role than an onboarding process that carries the expectation of eventual promotion. Any team may use it, although Tech and Internet Outreach are more likely to have cause to do so.

Discussion of this policy will be open for one week.

can I get some nice "no signatures on my forum"
sigma-9 css machine broke
understandable have a nice day

[DISCUSSION] Adjunct Staff by stormbreathstormbreath, 24 Jan 2023 17:51
Yes No
20 0

Since this has passed quorum and had a majority of votes in favor, this proposal has PASSED and relevant changes have been made to the above-mentioned pages.

I will be on hiatus for the near future. Currently no projected return date, but I will keep staff posted.

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