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I'd say permanent. If they don't wanna engage witht eh site as it is now,a dn insist on trying to drag it back to the absolute horror it was before, we don't need them around.

Admin, SCP Wiki

Roxie's appeal has been rejected due to evidence that she has not improved, and is unlikely to improve her behaviour. Due to this, no further appeals will be accepted.

Chat admins have access to this evidence, but it involves matters of a personal nature and will not be posted openly at this time.

What length of ban should be implemented? I personally feel like this person has a personal vendetta against staff and that is primarily the issue here; the rest of their points about their expectations as a reader are understandable (if a little one-sided).

Re: Disciplinary - MOTHERHORSEYES by ZynZyn, 23 Sep 2018 23:35

An irritant who doesn't know what the old site was for.

Ban is fine in my eyes.

And again, in response to the next closed staff post:

Hey, who have I attacked? I just said I don't care what you're interested in, more writers is good. You're a crappy community manager if every time you have a dispute or argument about anything on here now you get silenced with bans. What I was angry about was the content of the post because it feels like a political push into this site which I don't particularly care far regardless of the message.

Emergency revoke enacted.

Re: Disciplinary - MOTHERHORSEYES by ZynZyn, 23 Sep 2018 23:15

MOTHERHORSEYESMOTHERHORSEYES made a series of comments on 2721 today:

Hey, I don't really care at all about the pride month thing and the new inclusion stuff, do what you want, but can we try and preserve what this site was for? I'm a long time lurker and after making my way to this it really does just feel like an amateur self-insert. It just seems too goofy, too out there, and feels like it's just pandering to the Tumblr and Furry community. I don't really care about them joining, whatever, more writers is good. But taking over the website with the guise of 'inclusion' as an excuse to silence and lock threads for people who just want to come here for the original purpose annoy me. This idea is just silly, it's not like anything else I've seen on this page so far, it just rips me out of the experience utterly. It feels like a self-insert tumblr blog, for stuff I don't care about.

It doesn't seem scary, realistic (yes I know there's shit like infinite pizzas, but it's still more plausible than this), or even fitting to the rest of this site. You will know my point is proven if a mod just locks this.

The original purpose of this site, when it started, back on 4chan on x/ board was about having a deep, fleshed out, horror fantasy. I came here for spooks, and I came here for good writing, this is long, feels almost 4th-wall-breaking.

Also, I haven't seen this tale, if you wouldn't mind giving me the name or link I'd happily give my take on it, but my contention would still be the same that the mods punish people who question this stuff now with near fucking marshal law.

When someone asked them when the article mentions furries, they responded with ">anime profile pic" (but due to wikidot coding, the quote box didn't display). A closed staff post was dropped to remind people not to make personal comments and to close that line of discussion.

And they responded to the closed staff post:

You will know my point is proven if a mod just locks this.

Do we want to go with revoke or a ban? This doesn't seem to be any different from the other posts intending to stir more dramatics we've already seen.

Disciplinary - MOTHERHORSEYES by ZynZyn, 23 Sep 2018 22:21

So… I've recently gotten a fair number of PMs from Robert BernardRobert Bernard, starting with the following one a day ago:

Im sorry for this i know you are a very busy person, but i cant post my sandbox in the Critiques session, for some reason, its saying i need to have permission, be a staff member or something, please help, and im sorry for any mistakes, i click the new thread and it says i dont have the permission

After I linked them to the Join the Site page:

Yes, i have joined and now im waiting for the confirmation or aprovation

And now about an hour ago:

Hello again, im sorry for re-opening this conversation, but it has been 3 days since i've sent the application and it seems to be frozen, Can i do something about it?

When I responded that their account was only a day old, so they couldn't have been waiting that long unless they submitted the app under another account:

I did on this one, How old do i have to be in this acc so i can enter? I really just want to post on the help and critics

I told them that lying to a staff member doesn't really convince us to speed up their application processing, and that their typing doesn't really seem to indicate that their feedback would be good:

Sorry, if i lied about the time is because I didnt knew the exact time but i supposed it were 3 days, and my native language is not english, If I seem rude or like a troll im sorry, and no, I would not give any critics im horrible at that, I just wish to understand my errors on that so I can get better in future projects, could you please say some problems in my sandbox, because that is my first sandbox and im not a pro for starters

I linked them to the usual college level writing guides and recommended that they use Grammarly before asking for people to help them with a very error-heavy draft.

Keep an eye on, I guess. I'll process their app momentarily.

Non-Disc Record - Robert Bernard by ZynZyn, 23 Sep 2018 21:38

New site member Join my discordJoin my discord (account age and site membership 62 days) recently posted some low-content feedback, and upon being addressed by staff members about it, responded in an argumentative manner:

Seems like a very interesting and original SCP. However, 1981 seems just a little early for a game that sounds as advanced as you describe it. And why does the individual have to be over 18? Also, the title could be a little more mysterious-sounding. Other than that, the context and storyline is well written :) I would still +1 if it was posted in the series.

Nice job Bro!

Of note, the above comment was edited six times over the course of 15 minutes, and was originally:

Seems like a very interesting and original SCP. Maybe add some exploration or testing logs? Also maybe say where it was discovered? But the context and storyline is well done :) I would +1 if it was posted in the series.

Nice job Bro!

Their response to staff:

Of note, this isn't the first time staff has needed to intervene and explain to them why their feedback is problematic: "I like it, but maybe replace some of the character development with an addendum at the end, while making the SCP more mysterious somehow?"

They also have some unauthorized edits to others' articles. These are the pages that were reverted following an edit from this user:

Keep an eye on. They seem well-intentioned, but their insistence on giving misleading feedback is problematic.

Non-Disc Record - Join my discord by ZynZyn, 23 Sep 2018 18:15

Permaban enacted.

Re: Disciplinary - Dr Dzerwhel by ZynZyn, 23 Sep 2018 02:15


Admin, SCP Wiki

New site member Benja PintarBenja Pintar (account age 12 days) recently posted a very low-quality draft to the forums. When asked about their grade level, they responded:

Alright, I tried my hardest to greatly improve my Scp, hope it is better than the original draft, I am in grade 7

7th graders are typically 12 to 13 years old.

Being generous and assuming they're 13, banned for two years.

Disciplinary - Benja Pintar by ZynZyn, 23 Sep 2018 01:30
Re: Non-Disc Record - Dr Deveraux by ZynZyn, 23 Sep 2018 01:24

Dr DeverauxDr Deveraux was recently issued a C&D for recurringly problematic feedback, an issue present since April. They effectively ignored the C&D and continued to post low-quality feedback:

[…] what your referring to is a memetic virus something that I think hasn't been fleshed out completely or properly yet, it's a very interesting and fun idea to play around with. It influences someone's thoughts and can spread through people infected through speech and implants a mindset. People have actually written papers about it such as "Viruses of The Mind."You might want to read it if you chose to do a memetic virus. But I think you just copy Dr. Who with the second and 3rd paragraph it's been done and you should probably just cut those ideas it's confusing and slightly dull. People are most of all scared of the unknown something not as obvious something that spreads through populations. Something that makes you wonder whos thoughts are whos and if you even have independent thought and free will at all. Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. Black voids may be scary but fear of the unknown wins without a doubt.It's an interesting concept, so keep at it!!! Good Luck!!!

Good Luck with your Idea!!!:)

One question though
How is the child still in this world if the Musci box transports people to alternative dimension?Do the people transported come back are they replaced?Did the child interact with the Box at all or was it drawn by the Tragedy? Please Clarify.
I also really love this thought process and I think that should be done when/if (YOU SHOULD I LOVE IT) you create the SCP.

In what form would you tell these stories?

Great Idea and Great Job!!!!:)

I've revoked their membership and sent a PM.

Disciplinary - Dr Deveraux by ZynZyn, 23 Sep 2018 01:24

They have continued to post problematic feedback:

I would not make assumptions about why it's not trying to escape or if it wants to escape also I would come up with a reason for the drilling. Also come up with how these abilities are discovered and make sure you make a little bit of a narrative or reason that the scp is special an emotion it should inspire mabye curiosity it's up to you.A pretty good idea though

ETA: and again

This would probably be a better joke SCP it could have some pretty funny stories. It seems like it doesn't take itself seriously so I don't see it as a real SCP. That's what your planning for it right?

Cease-and-desist order dropped and PMed.

Re: Non-Disc Record - Dr Deveraux by ZynZyn, 22 Sep 2018 22:29

Agent DrAgent Dr recently re-posted one of their previously negatively received works:

Upon receiving downvotes, they posted the following in the discussion thread:

If someone could just message me a very in depth list of things I did right and did wrong because if posted this twice and changed thirty times and even gone through draft and critiques and still the 343 frownes apon me

Of note, they had received feedback in the forums: a fair bit which they seem to not have made too much use of, especially with regards to the containment procedures and the core concept.

Their forum history seems to indicate a pattern of not quite understanding how to use the site:

Keep an eye on.

Non-Disc Record - Agent Dr by ZynZyn, 22 Sep 2018 22:03

UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire has been added to Community Outreach.

BaronjoeBaronjoe, who has been on this site for a few days under a year now, has posted a number pieces of low effort, misleading, or otherwise unhelpful feedback.

Some partially accurate points, but presented in an unhelpfully abrasive manner and without any explanation of why these elements are problematic or how they might be improved:

To be honest, this whole plot is uninteresting. All it is that an SCP breaches containment that causes others to escape. Heck, the SCPs that escape are the same old skips we seen plenty of times. After all, we have over 3000 thousand other skips to choose.

The same problems as above, with the additional misleading implication than explaining an SCP's backstory is mandatory:

How does the Foundation contain and see this thing if it is made of sound? Also, it isn't a literal thunderbird because it doesn't follow much of the description of thunderbirds as told by Native Americans.

I just don't see a story being told here. How and where does the Foundation find it? What role does it play outside in the world? Was it being worshipped? Was it at an Native American reservation or something? Why does it exist? Consider the questions one would ask about this. At its current state, it is just a thing that does a thing.

Suggests alterations as a first response to an SCP idea, but provides no actual feedback on the idea itself:

Anyway, I think it be interesting for its appearance to be an actual lion except it is just black and white. Like, it knows of what it looks like as a cartoon and find its body odd due to being 3D. Just a thought.

The back story could be slightly altered. Why not just have it be the creation of an employee of Walt Disney he tried to pitch? It also feels a bit overpowered to be able to draw other animate beings.

Low effort and unhelpful:

You are kinda late for the concept of knock off Little Misters has been done with the Gamers Against Weed group.

Extremely hostile admission of voting on an SCP without having read it:

Down voted immediately I saw it was out of format. This isn't a unique format screw (I dislike most and seen almost everything. Hard to make me interested) and is just more like a tale as everyone said earlier.

I did not even bother reading a word of this. The discussion tells me it is just some pretentious, unnecessary reimagining of an old skip.

An dismissive response to a detailed critique of his draft, ignoring the majority of it - quite possibly because the reviewer felt the draft was lacking in humour and characterisation:

Alright so remove the paragraph and work on the character a bit? Gotcha.

I'd recommend keeping an eye on.

Non-Disc Record - Baronjoe by UncannyonUncannyon, 22 Sep 2018 20:55

Isn't vandalism typically perma?

Re: Disciplinary - Dr Dzerwhel by ZynZyn, 22 Sep 2018 20:17
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