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It's definately a far smaller number of articles than the previous cases, if that means anything.

~🏵~Flower Power~🏵~

Thanks for all your work for the wiki, hope the moving goes well!

fat cat stat TSAT

can I get some nice "no signatures on my forum"
sigma-9 css machine broke broke
understandable have a nice day

Consider this the 11th inquiry for cat pictures.

It's not a party until you summon a lesser demon.

Declined SCP-939-583WSCP-939-583W for name, and application that did not meet criteria:

Hello, I wish to join the Foundation and contribute to making, researching in my free time, and theorizing SCP's. I am 16 years old (about to be 16), and have surprisingly lots of free time.

Re: Username Log by ZynZyn, 14 Oct 2019 06:18

Non-Disc thread here:

AdeptguybutnotAdeptguybutnot was recently addressed by staff for violating a cease-and-desist for forum critique, after having rejoined the site after apparently having left the site themselves previously.

I've dropped an official warning via PM and here:

Ban on next infraction. Given their previous behavior, I think at least a week is merited, possibly a month if they continue to post immature material.

Disciplinary - Adeptguybutnot by ZynZyn, 14 Oct 2019 00:16

A user who asked to remain anonymous suggested we look into the voting activity of user Archiviste JudasArchiviste Judas (account age 956 days, site user for 683).

As demonstrated on their scpper page, they have little activity on the wiki until recently, when they downvoted a handful of articles, all of which utilized ACS and/or nuscp/blackhighlighter, Given the previous cases of apparent malicious downvoting on these criteria, the anonymous user figured this would be worth looking into, and Conwell agreed, hence this post.

Post made with permission of ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor

This user gave crit today in the Ideas Forum, which was both a violation of their C&D and required jsposting due to low quality:

Cool, i think this would make a great SCP if executed well.
on the other hand, "the watcher" is kinda cringe, maybe a name like Gerald or something

They also posted a full, uncollapsed and non-sandboxed draft in the Ideas Forum here:

Mr_BubblezyMr_Bubblezy has recently been posting some problematic feedback in the Ideas forum, oftentimes commenting erroneously on extraneous material and just stating something is "good".

Hey dude! Not sure if you have read through this [link to How to Write an SCP] before but there is a lot of information for you to go through, this is all to do with how to write a concept up and what you can and cannot put in it, also some special tricks like how to put bold font and links in your work. Also pretty cool concept although as BudsNCircuits pointed out you should only put small paragraphs on here rather then a full 'draft'. You can add a link to your draft in the thread you post; Hope this helps. :)

It's a really cool idea for an SCP. Your writing skills are good for a beginner but try to write in longer sentences rather then many short ones, limit the use of full stops and use more of commas, colons and semi-colons. Also when writing up a draft be sure to not use a number, it is advised to use SCP-XXXX when posting on the ideas and brainstorming forum.

Otherwise good start!

I would say it's a cool idea for a ride although it is simular to SCP-002 but you could always deviate from that SCP. You would have to think about how the public hasn't figured out its strange properties and where it came from as it is in an already-existing park (did it just pop out of nowhere or was it built and then someone died on it, after the death it started being an anomaly). All in all though its a cool concept.

Sent them the usual "please be more conscientious" PM. Keep an eye on.

Non-Disc Record - Mr_Bubblezy by ZynZyn, 13 Oct 2019 15:25


Welcome to the team, PrLosash!

Today, a few minutes ago, I was checking the Recent Messages and I've seen many critiques and placeholders made by Losash and I was like "Hey, maybe that Losash can be a good Junior Staff member for the Butterfly Squad ?". And… this.

Zyn, do you read my thoughts ?

Also, welcome, Losash !

PrLosashPrLosash has joined the Forum Criticism Team / Butterfly Squad!


Re: Junior Staff Appointments by ZynZyn, 13 Oct 2019 08:37

Noting that they brought up the stickied thread about the drama from last year and seemed… kind of pushy and misinformed about reinstating the Pride logo?

I'm guessing this is just naiveté with regards to not being familiar with the full extent of what the community and staff had to deal with (and are effectively still dealing with, since we do get the occasional troll/spammer from time to time). That said, given their previous behavior and the fact that they don't have many other recent posts… might merit keeping an eye on.

Re: Disciplinary - TechDoomsday by ZynZyn, 13 Oct 2019 08:20

Got a PM from them:

Dear Zyn
I know we have not got along in the past. I know that my document was not edited as much as you would like. But have edit time after time and I was trying to make it the best version of it I've ever made. After I got the message I was banned for a month I had to change the picture of the submarine because the website I took it from took the picture down. So I was looking everywhere for I picture of a submarine inside a drydock. This took me forever to find. Then I changed it from a old Russian submarine to a futuristic one. After my month was up i was still blocked from the join page. Then I had to ask to be manually unblocked by one of

Sent back:

I know we have not got along in the past. I know that my document was not edited as much as you would like.

Your 6-month ban was placed per consensus from three other administrators, after we were notified of another (non-admin) staff member about the summary deletion of your reposted material.

Then I had to ask to be manually unblocked by one of

It looks like part of your message has been cut off. What is the missing content?

The fact that they seem to think that their site ban is due to a personal vendetta against them is somewhat indicative of them not understanding how disciplinary escalation works (specifically the whole "If a staff member warns you about your behavior, and you do not follow the instructions they give you, you will be revoked or banned."). Also the fact that their image hunting process doesn't equate to significant enough edits to merit another reposting of their article.

Noting that the user appears to have deleted their account.

I think this person is almost certainly a troll and that we probably don't need to waste more time on proving it.

Whether someone is a troll is based on their behaviour, intent is secondary.

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