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I'm going to throw my hat in behind 'if it isn't broke, you don't need to try to fix it.' The formatting we have is fine and functional and it doesn't need to be all fancy for people to browse and enjoy the site. Furthermore, with Project Foundation in the works, starting another Tech Team project for what will end up being a mood point when we move ourselves off of the Wikidot platform doesn't seem like a good use of resources.

Re: Site CSS by subtleteasubtletea, 15 Jan 2019 16:25

Dex, just pointing it out, the thing you're quoting didn't exist when Magnus (or I) replied to it. What was there instead indicated:

After two weeks of discussion, I will put up a voting thread on whether or not to begin the project.
If that vote passes, work on the project will begin in earnest.

Which is awfully presumptuous on a lot of levels. It probably irritated Magnus. God knows it irritated me.

Whether that was the intention or not, there was no way for us to discern that because nobody brought it up to Magnus, Chao, or myself beforehand and instead we see a post about what we are allegedly going to be implementing in two weeks.

A user also brought to our attention that they went on a pretty clear downvoting spree, including but not limited to pretty much all of the 001 proposals.

I’m going to say for the record I don’t believe this discussion will go anywhere conducive without actual proposed designs drawn up. That the feedback says that the website looks “outdated” could mean anything from “I expect this to be a bootstrap layout despite bootstrap looking nothing like a wiki” to “I wish the dropdowns were animated” to “I wish we had different color schemes”.

To put it frankly, the Scp foundation is always going to have a wiki look to it because it is a wiki. If one wants a “slick” “updated” look someone is going to need to actually put it into a basic design of some sort in photoshop or similar for any of that discussion to move forward. Or find a wiki site that looks like how people want Scp to emulate. Especially when some of the suggestions here would arguably look terrible if actually designed and would show more easily why it’s a bad idea.

Living the dream, or dreaming the life?

Re: Site CSS by SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity, 15 Jan 2019 12:09

Yiiiiiiiikes! I hope your shoulder and wrist heal up soon and that you have a heck of an awesome story in exchange for that injury!

Take it easy and rest as much as you need/like/can tolerate before getting fidgety!

Re: Injury... by ZynZyn, 15 Jan 2019 07:22

Within five days so medium?

I'd say yes. Slow would be a week or longer.

Re: Forum Crit Team - Callsigns by ZynZyn, 15 Jan 2019 04:29

[22:55] <@CorvusCaurinus> Hey guys y'all want instant cancer
[22:55] <taylor_iOStkin> .au tay

Noting that the DrSushE account made an unauthorized edit to 507, to add in the text:

Addendum 507-03: SCP-76-2 "Able" entered an enraged state after SCP-507 tied 48 out of 50 rounds of Tic-Tac-Toe and then won the last 2. SCP-507 luckily shifted, milliseconds before "Able" could have shred him apart.

Edit reverted and staff post made explaining the issue and the site rules involved. Of note, the user in question added the edit note "I added another addendum which can be deleted if you want." so they were likely aware that their material wasn't necessarily good or an improvement, but added it anyway.

Keep an eye on.

Got a PM reply:

I understand. This was never my intention so I deeply apologize for this happening. I was unaware that this would be a result of my comments.

Doombringer106Doombringer106 has recently spamposted the same response to four low-rated articles: (at -21) (at -9) (at -1) (at -5)

I really like this, have my +1

Spamming aside, their profile "about" section consists solely of the word "nigger".

Banned for trolling.

Disciplinary - Doombringer106 by ZynZyn, 15 Jan 2019 03:50

What I’ve taken away from this thread so far is that things like the color, white space and basically what makes the theme Sigma-9 should probably not be messed with for compatibility and branding reasons. So that leaves me to think a fresh coat of paint is really all we should be aiming for here, one with the same colors applied in different ways.

Not a complete overhaul but just looking again at our design and seeing how we could do better in presenting ourselves, especially between mobile and the wiki. Most of our users access the wiki through mobile. The solution we have now is good and workable but I think it’s definitely worth it to form a temporary team to see how we can do better.

Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you!

Re: Site CSS by RogetRoget, 15 Jan 2019 02:30

It says on the opening post,

To clarify - this is NOT intended to be an actual project proposal with a plan of action. It's intended to be a discussion about whether or not the CSS needs an update, and if a project to update it should be undertaken. If the vote were to pass, then planning of the project would actually start.

It's not a solid proposal, it is a discussion specifically to work out stuff like your concerns.

I was one of the admins that okayed this discussion, and I'm sorry that I didn't think to run it past the Tech team. However, it's only a discussion, and there's zero pressure to force anything through right now. Those of us not in the know for how CSS works, or what this would mean for Tech, look to these sorts of threads to see what such a proposal would actually involve and if it's a worthwhile thing to push through.

Please don't put too much of your time into this discussion, as you're literally on your honeymoon. That's more important. Please trust me here; nothing will move forward without the okay of a majority of those Who Know What They're Talking About, and if anything did it wouldn't be for weeks. This is a discussion and nothing more.

(And people treating this thread if it is more than just a discussion are approaching it beyond the scope of what was intended).

Re: Site CSS Update Project by DexanoteDexanote, 15 Jan 2019 01:59

Throwing in my two cents as JS. I agree with this, especially the two web-design counter-arguments.

In my opinion, the design doesn't look dated. I regularly browse the site on my phone with no ill effects.

While I do think that the navigation could be better, that's not really a CSS issue.

Re: Site CSS Update Project by DevOsmiumDevOsmium, 15 Jan 2019 01:32

First off, I apologize for not keeping your team informed. In the future, Community Outreach will be sure to discuss such projects with Tech Team's leadership ahead of time.

Secondly, you are correct that this is a discussion. My goal with this thread was to stimulate discussion on whether or not such a project should be undertaken in a space more conducive to measured responses than chat. However, I failed to convey that properly and as such apologize. I have edited my initial post as well as the title of this thread and will be more careful with how I word such proposals in the future.

Wow, alright. So to start off, a heads up before making a thread about this would have been nice. Instead, I'm now dealing with this, on my honeymoon. A+.

So let's address the top post:

It's full of empty space which could be utilized better
It relies on very few colors, primarily white which can be painful to look at for extended periods of time
Several aspects of its style, such as the banner background, have a dated look
According to traffic statistics 3/4 of our users browse on mobile devices, so it could be upgraded to work better there
According to the Community Survey, a large quantity of our users dislike the Site CSS as well as current site navigation

Okay, so the "empty space" is on which pages? The general article pages, or the front page?
If you're talking about on the general articles, I'd suggest you google "The use of whitespace in web design". Whitespace is very important for readability.

As for the colors, yes, we utilize few colors. Do you have any proof of this claim of painful to read outside of anectodal? White on black of similiar high-contrast colors are suggested by every ADA-compliant web design guide you can find. The point is that they're simple and high contrast.

"Dated" is super vague, and if you have suggestions, I'd be happy to field them. Or CO could field them with us, I don't care. But that "dated" look is part of our brand. If we changed it now, that's going to be a hell of a thing, and overall hurt us for recognizability IMO.

Do you have any examples of the mobile theme not working? Tech has put in somewhere between four and ten fixes for mobile CSS in 2018 (I don't remember the exact figure).|

What don't they like about current site navigation? Is that an organization issue or a CSS issue?

What this entire thread is, is a discussion, not a project proposal.

There's no specifics, plan, or direction to the points presented. Two of them have hard web-design counter arguments.

If you've got issues with the CSS, tech has always been comitted to keeping it functional, lightweight, and most of all useable by the maximum number of people.

On a personal note, a heads up to the technical team before getting blindsided with this would have been appreciated. I'm currently on my honeymoon and the first any of us heard of it was secondhand. My vice captain and Admin contact are definitely not on vacation, and could have been informed. Please keep people in the loop in the future.

Re: Site CSS Update Project by DrMagnusDrMagnus, 14 Jan 2019 22:06

I don't think this is a terrible idea and I'd be willing to help something like this be set up

So, proposition.
Why don't we run a specialized survey to see what the people want? Like a multiple option survey and a box for write-ins.
I can put it up on site news (assuming ARD/Coony are okay with it) and run it through people who use the website frequently.

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