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Notice of new policy / returning first-time authors to Ideas and Brainstorming


Forum Criticism Team - Junior Staff / Operational Staff / Moderator Post

Author, per the Draft Forum's new policy: authors who have not yet posted a successful mainsite article are now required to get their basic concept(s) greenlighted by two experienced reviewers in the [ Ideas Critique forum] and/or [ IRC chatrooms] before asking for feedback on a full draft.

Please first go to the Ideas forum or the chat, give a //quick summary// of the concept you want to write up (don't link the draft unless someone requests it), and reviewers can help you ensure that the premise is something that will be successful with the community audience.

During the conceptualization stage, reviewers can also assist with letting you know if something similar already exists on the site, and inform you about any cliches/pitfalls/other typical downvote reasons to be careful of with your particular idea. These elements are more effectively addressed earlier on in the writing process.

If you have already received the requisite greenlights, please note from whom and where you received them. If you would like to receive draft critique without going through the greenlighting process, please use the IRC chatrooms to request reviews.

Pick-and-choose boilerplates for Auto-Defers


Forum Criticism Team - Junior Staff / Operational Staff / Moderator Post

Author, per the Draft Forum's new policy: your draft thread is being deferred due to a number of basic issues that need to be addressed by yourself before in-depth critique is viable. Please make use of the resources provided to correct the following:

* 10+ grammar/mechanics errors:
 * General Writing Resource thread 
 * Elements of Style: 
 * Grammarly or another spellchecker/writing assistance program

* Nonsensical containment: 
 * These guidelines for logical, resource-conserving containment:
 * "Containment" tab of the basic guide:

* Severe lack of clinical tone: 
 * This overview of clinical tone:
 * This reference for specific scientific words:
 * These college-level resources for writing formally:

* Improper formatting:
 * "Formatting"  and "Templates" tabs of the basic guide:

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