Mission Statement


The purpose and mission of the Disciplinary Committee is, first and foremost, to prevent the breaking of rules. This is not to be confused with punishing people for breaking rules; while this is a part of our job, it is a means to a larger end.

Our job is to protect the creative environment of the SCP Foundation Wiki by policing behaviors that we have found to be non-conducive to that environment. We are expected to use our best judgment in deciding what actions, behavior, and phrasing on our part best resolve disciplinary infractions with the least amount of disruption to the community. Our actions should seek to support the best possible outcome even for those committing the infraction; if they can be made into productive members of the site, we should help them do so.

Our job is to make judgment calls in those instances where the rules are more subjective, such as applications of Wheaton's Law. We who are members of this committee are currently believed to have sufficient maturity and intelligence to use subjective rules to the common good of the site.

Our job is to enforce the rules of the wiki. When someone breaks our rules, we will issue warnings. If it needs to go farther, we will push it up to administration to determine if a ban is warranted.

Our job is to help users obey the rules in those instances where they have difficulties doing so. If the best way to do that is sitting down and talking with a problem user, we will do so. If the best way to do that is removing them from the site, we will do so.

Welcome to the Disciplinary Committee.

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