Newbie Guide rewrite

Just noting that I've written a draft for a new Newbie Guide (as opposed to a Guide to Newbies, which sounds like we need to know how to deal with them). Currently being evaluated by moose, Zyn and TroyL.

Notable edits:

  • Introduction tab rewritten to be an actual introduction rather than a rehash of the Site Rules.
  • Site Behavior retitled 'Site Survival Tips'.
  • Site Survival Tips edited to remove rehashed Site Rules entries, supplemented with things that were missing, and format adjusted for readability.
  • Tips for members retitled 'Good Membership' and edited for clarity and readability.
  • Staff Tab reduced to a list of staff by position. If a separate Guide to Staff comes into being, tab can disappear and new document can be linked from Site Survival Tips.
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