Community Outreach Team Hub

The Community Outreach Team (abbreviated as CO) is the staff team of the SCP Wiki concerned with handling communication between staff and the on-site community, as well as addressing and responding to site issues as a whole. Additionally, the team is designed to maintain pages that may need updating, as well as suggesting new ways to improve the site and boost creativity. More specifically, the CO Team's responsibilities are:

  • Responding to newbie introduction threads.
  • Being available to answer questions in #site17.
  • Writing news for the front page.
  • Keeping an active dossier of contest ideas.
  • Maintaining the FAQ and the Guide to Newbies pages.
  • Maintaining other guides.
  • Investigating, suggesting, and executing projects to improve the site's creative environment.
    • This includes suggestions for raising the profile of underappreciated or rarely done content (stuff that people don't read, and stuff that people are afraid to write).
  • Suggesting articles for administrators to feature on the front page.
  • Performing author outreach and running IRC Seminars.

Community Outreach Team Members are typically delegated to specific tasks involved in operating the Wiki. Although staff members are under specific categories, they're less of "sub-teams" and more of focuses, which means that they can participate in other areas, but usually don't, and are out-of-the-loop regarding the specific on-goings of that area.

If you have any questions or concerns, please inquire in #site81 or message a member of the team.

If there are issues with this page, please contact a member of the Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Team.

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