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Example Output:
Athenodora ok who wants to do a write-up
Athenodora I was on mobile for like half of this, so I don't have full log
Randomini I've got it and have never done a writeup before
Randomini so this will be exciting
hihahaba stabs Randomini with a needle full of adrenaline
hihahaba How to be chat staff 101: have patience
hihahaba seriously though your patience amazes at some points
Athenodora heh
Randomini …MY patience???
Athenodora it's, like, I just barely miss having log of the important bit, where he gave his birthday
Theduckman Don't worry.
Theduckman With age, patience dies.
Athenodora also, draft on 19, guys
AJMansfield_ (~moc.skrowtenyticarev.pi.cimanyd.6BE81604-CRInys|eifsnaMJA#moc.skrowtenyticarev.pi.cimanyd.6BE81604-CRInys|eifsnaMJA) has joined #site17
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1:05 AM GreenWolf alas, poor thomas
1:05 AM GreenWolf cursed with a common name
1:06 AM KiwiDaKiwi I saw your name on O5 Command GreenWolf
1:06 AM DrippingPitch .tag lag
1:06 AM %Alexandra DrippingPitch: No matches found.
1:06 AM GreenWolf okay, cool
1:06 AM DrippingPitch testing connection
1:07 AM KiwiDaKiwi It appears you've had a few warnings from staff
1:07 AM ⇐ DrippingPitch quit • GreenWolf → SleepWolf
1:07 AM SleepWolf Yes, that is a correct statement
1:07 AM → DrippingPitch joined (~ten.maertsdniw.pi.cimanyd.74FD465E-CRInys|ruofytxiS#ten.maertsdniw.pi.cimanyd.74FD465E-CRInys|ruofytxiS)
1:07 AM @Athena_Grey meow
1:07 AM SleepWolf do you have anything you want to say to me before I go to bed
1:08 AM → @minmin (opped) joined ⇐ Joreth quit
1:08 AM MrHat Kiwidakiwi:
1:08 AM MrHat At the bottom
1:08 AM KiwiDaKiwi Something about you flipping out everytime someone disagrees
1:08 AM MrHat last tab box, the longest title starting with 'Rage'
1:09 AM @Silber KiwiDaKiwi: whatever you're doing, don't do it
1:09 AM @Silber He's seen it, you don't have to bring it up.
1:09 AM SleepWolf night 19
1:09 AM @Silber night SleepWolf
1:09 AM DolphinSlugchugger goonigh
1:09 AM MrHat night wolf
1:11 AM KiwiDaKiwi Apologies Silber. I just thought it was interesting.
1:11 AM @Silber It's really not.
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